Friday, April 26, 2013

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

My goodness, another long week! The weeks have been doing that lately and I'm not a fan. It's probably because the semester is almost over and we are seriously itchin' to be DONE! Classes are over now so its just tests left! I have three more tests and a paper, and Scott has one test!! Then we are done!! This is enduring to the end at it's finest for us!

But its the weekend, HALLELUJAH!!! 

This weekend we have got some serious studying to do, sleeping in, a Temple Trip and breakfast somewhere (we haven't decided yet), cleaning, exercising, and a little project I started a few weeks ago! I haven't been able to work on it since because we have been so busy. I got inexpensive, plain, place mats just from wal-mart and I am painted a chevron pattern on them to spice them up a little bit! Super cute!! I will post about that when it is done, and i'm so excited to show you! Until then....

Hope you all have a good weekend!!! :D

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