Friday, April 19, 2013

Late Night Drive

Last night we pulled out of Logan at about 10 pm. Which is about the time that we hit the hay on most nights! The words, "We haven't done anything like this for a while, what an adventure!" came out of Scott's mouth a few times!

Our destination: The Salt Lake Airport.
Our Purpose: to surprise the family, who thought we weren't coming and to welcome home Paul!

The flight was supposed to come in around 11:30 pm, but to follow the trend of cancelled and late flights it really didn't get there till 1:00 am! So the only logical solution when you are in an airport at 1:00 am is to lay on the floor and sleep! (or smile for a picture)

Once he came we were all excited, everyone took turns huggin', we took pictures, but the fun didn't end there! We were all a little too excited to go to bed right when we got home so we stayed up till about 3:00 am talking! In Africa time it was in the morning so Paul was up and at em like he was just waking up! Well we have driven to Salt Lake and back twice already and we will be back to Kaysville tomorrow. wooowee! That's a lot of driving and we are feeling slightly tired today, but it was definitely worth it! I might have some dark bags under my eyes, but that's okay, it shouldn't last long! ;)

It wouldn't be enough without a little awkwardness from Scott because he likes to say awkward things and get a reaction out of people. So he asked Paul, man how do you feel about all the changes around here?, "Caleb has a lower voice, Tori is getting ready to start dating, and I am a married man and this women sleeps in my bed" haha uh.... :/ it got a little quiet in there and my face was probably the shade of a cherry tomato. "well this is a little weird, on that note, Goodnight everyone!!" haha it was funny. There are a lot of changes going on but its a wonderful time and such a great family and i'm so grateful I can be apart of!! 

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