Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony was at a CASTLE!!! I wish I could have recorded the whole thing to relive the night again and again! As we drove up in the bus we jumped into the scene of Mary Poppins where they are riding the carousel horses that hopped off the ride...then they see the fox running from the dogs and the men on horses following....yeah that happened in real life!!!! (Minus the carousel horses and fox.) But there were riders on horses with 20 hunting dogs running through BEAUTIFUL landscape, leading us up the road to the castle. MAGIC.
As we got off the bus we were then serenaded by bagpipes!! It was beautiful!!

 Long hallways, secret rooms, secret passage ways, thousands of bedrooms and creepy old paintings....bout sums the inside up. BUT so cool to experience. 

So proud of Scott for working SOOOO hard to be able to get us here!!! He takes his role as provider with utmost importance and he does a swell job. We are so grateful for him! Way to go babe for hitting your first Presidents Club!!!! 

Monday, September 25, 2017


Once upon a time, 3 months ago, we went to IRELAND. Between pictures not uploading, not being able to locate them all, and life, it has taken so long to finally blog about the trip.

So this trip was through Scott's work. He hit the President's Club!!! He had to hit 120% of his yearly quota to qualify, which is not an easy task!!

So day one was full travel! We flew into Georgia, had a few hour lay over and then hopped on an overnight flight to Ireland. Ireland is 7 hours ahead so the time difference was a little crazy to get use to. But we got in and it was about 9am in the morning. Neither of us slept well on the plane but they said staying up as long as you can would help you get through the jet lag! It did help a little, but it was present the whole trip haha!
So we checked into our beautiful hotel and then got to exploring the city! We just walked and walked for about 4 hours and tried to take it all in. Dublin is such a cool city! I LOVE love love the old charm everything has!

Another highlight of Dublin was visiting the Trinity College Library. Such a cool campus and the library was AMAZING!! 
Definitely worth seeing!