Friday, August 22, 2014

grass time

It's an innate response to pull grass when your sitting in it. We learned that with this little one. He automatically started pulling, both hands at one time. Thank you Timpanogos Temple for supplying such luscious, green grass for us to enjoy...along with your beautiful view. <3

On a side note: here's a little story about grass.....

Once upon a time a cute boy named Scott asked a girl named Arianna on a date. Arianna was freshly back in the dating game after a broken engagement. Feeling a little unsure of stepping into this realm again but not being able to resist the boy asking, she said yes. A quick lunch at Subway it was (because of school at Utah State that was all she had time for). On the way back from their quick lunch date, it got a little quiet. Arianna started talking about grass. Grass? yes, grass. Of all topics. She then proceeded to RAMBLE on about the different smells of grass. Cut grass, long grass, fermenting grass. In this situation it was NOT the best topic BUT it happened. He being a kind, gentlemen, went along with it for a minute. Thinking she had blown it with the cute "subway boy", embarrassed, she walked back to class. THANK GOODNESS....their tale did not end there!!!
Now the "grass conversation" has become a sweet and funny memory. :)
If you ever find yourself in an awkward situation, maybe you could try talking about grass and see how that goes ;) best of luck...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wheeler Farms

I love spending time with my sisters and their kiddos. Its so fun to be able to see them and have all the little cousins play together as well! We love exploring new places, especially when they are FREE! Yay! Wheeler Farms was a fun place to explore. The kids loved the tractors and animals!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

6 months

Happy (half) birthday to you! Happy (half) birthday to you!
Happy (half) birthday dear Cooger.
Happy (half) birthday to you!!
This little boy LOVES to move around. He is rolling all over the floor and almost crawling! He can also sit up like a champ! He LOVES being loud too. Screaming, laughing, talking, singing, and growling (which his daddy taught him)!! The best laughs come when he is being surprised/startled! Sleep at night has gotten a little better on some nights...but not much!
Parenthood has been quite the adventure thus far...and everyday just gets more and more exciting!
We love you little wild child!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Zoo Visit

Coog's first visit to the Zoo was more exciting for us than him! We thought he would be a little more interested in the animals because he has always been such a curious little boy. We were definitely wrong, he was fully content to stroll in his stroller sucking on his toes! Maybe next time...


 ^^Just about right Coogs!^

 ^LOVE this cute interaction we caught with mamma and baby!^
 ^^We really had fun watching the elephants, can you tell??^^
 ^I just realized the point of this little nest photo shoot is to act like the eagle is about to swoop in and get you...I missed that detail so my smile looks a little goofy haha!^
 ^^We watched an awesome show with these guys! It's amazing that they can be trained!^^

                                                           ^Checking out the Crocs'^

^We saw some pretty amazing birds at the air show!^
I realized how hard it is to catch a good picture of a flying bird...

 These big cats were eyeing this little man!! It was a little intense!

 ^There's a Cougar statue in the background so naturally we had to get a picture!^
Despite the heat, then the rain, we had a great time at the Hogle Zoo! Coog did so good! Next time we go we'll have a little boy who will hopefully know the noises of these amazing animals!!
Until then...