Monday, September 23, 2013

Baby Wuthrich is a ......

One day I was only 13 weeks along and then all of a sudden I'm 20 weeks along! And i've hardly blogged about it at all!!

We had our big ultra sound when I was about 19 1/2 weeks along. I was so anxious/excited for this!! I swear it was all I could think about for weeks. I am such a planner. I need to know whats going to happen. Also, I need to have an idea in my head of how I will decorate. So in order to get this all straight in my head, I needed to know the sex of this baby.

Along with wanting to know the sex, I wanted to hear that everything looked good, that our baby was healthy and growing!

We were both sooooo happy to hear that our baby is indead healthy and growing right on track, as far as the doctor could tell! and that HE is 100% guaranteed a BOY! He wasn't shy at all to show us! (Which I was nervous about, he could probably tell)

It is not for sure or very consistant yet, but I THINK I felt this little man move!! I've heard that it feels like gas or little flutters. For weeks now i've been thinking I have felt it, but pretty sure it was just gas....But this time it felt different and I have felt it a few more times since then!!!

Its the most exciting, wonderful, crazy, hard thing to be pregnant. I already love this little man like crazy and cant wait till he gets here!