Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oven Tacos=Delishiousness

Last night for dinner we tried something new! Oven tacos, found here. They were super fast, easy and tasty! We are definitely adding these to our "book of recipes". Scott liked em so much he ate 6! A stuffed, happy husband is the best. Too bad we spent the rest of the night studying (lame)...and attempting to fix the heater which randomly started making crazy noises. Slightly annoying... But to be honest, I really don't mind watching him work ;)

And speaking of cooking...we made crepes the other day! I have to admit, I've never made them by myself before. :/ But that's what happens when you have three older sisters who are talented cooks!  So I'm glad they turned out!

Scott asked me the other day, "So you really do love making dinners and cooking, don't you?" YES I do!

Some more recipes will be on their way shortly! Im excited for our menu, there are gonna be some seriously delisious things cookin' in the kitchen in the next little bit!

An Eventful Weekend

Our weekend was packed with family, friends, fun, and snowy roads! We went home to visit my side of the family! We stayed with my sister and brother in law, Kaeley and Trevor! They are wonderful and we love them so much! Seriously, they are the definition of generous and hospitable!

They have rock climbing passes to the Quary in Provo and on Fridays they can take two people with them for free!! So we tagged along this time! It was soo fun! This sounds dumb, but I was soo proud of myself for climbing a particular wall! I've never considered myself a good rock climber (still don't) but I can climb up the wall most of the time. But this particular climb was really difficult for me. There was a slight ledge that I had to go over, and when I got to it I was about dead! It was one of our last climbs so I was pretty tired. But I stuck with it and did it!!!! You know that burning in your arms when your working them so hard?? Yeah. I had that as I pulled myself up and conquered the wall!!!! Ah I loved it! Scott is a pro rock climber...he looks like a little monkey climbing/running vertical up the wall!! He is good and I love watching him ;)

After we got home we stayed up later than we have in a while playing games, laughing and talking! One of my favorite things in life! The next morning our wake up call was, "Scott, come play with me!" from Boston :) Love playing with little Boston and Tucker!

Saturday afternoon, after some Target shopping, we caught a matinee movie. "Rise of the Guardians" It was super cute! I definitely recommend it!

We also met up with our good friends Chelsea and Paco Beagles! I can't even tell you how much I love this girl and how much fun it is whenever we're together! Combined with our fav. Cafe Rio, it was a success!!! :D We sat there for two hours just talking and catching up. I decided it definitely needs to happen more often.

Sunday was spent at my parents house. After a wonderful day at church we enjoyed good food, lots of kiddie giggles and wrestling, it was a fun day!

The weekend ended with a crazy drive back up to Logan, with a quick stop in Kaysville. It was crazy!! The roads were covered in snow the whole way! Sardine Canyon consisted on slick roads and white outs while driving. Glad we made it home safe!!! All thanks to Scott's mad driving skills! Thanks babe!! :D

It was such a fun, much needed weekend adventure!! :D

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wonderful WEDNESDAY!

Happy Wednesday!! It feels like a Tuesday because yesterday felt like a Monday when it was really a Tuesday! Its confusing me, but the day off on Monday was great none the less!

Things we are loving today....

We are loving our new mattress right now! An upgrade from two twin mattresses pushed together on the ground to a queen size mattress is divine!! It made us feel like adults, buying our first mattress! ah, cute huh!

We also bought a bookshelf! Thank goodness for ksl for coming through with a great deal, yet again! Now my organizing tendencies are kicking in and I would much rather organize our stuff onto the bookshelf then do homework! Which isn't saying much I guess cuz lets be honest, I would rather do a lot of things than homework! :/

This little lady right here is super excited for some wonderful things to come in the mail! I already LOVE getting mail but i'm extra excited! We ordered some wedding picture prints online to decorate our house with! We also got our wedding thank yous ordered, which will soon be sent back out! AND two cute necklaces from groupdealz! Funny story with that....Scott and I were sitting in Chemistry class. Its not my class, I just go with him cuz I can, so I feel okay being on my phone and not pay attention to the teacher (who drives me nuts, but that's a whole other story). So I was looking on facebook and saw a groupdealz post about these necklaces, only $4.99 and super cute!!! Excitedly I turned to Scott and said "BABE"! (as quietly as I could) haha but he was watching me so he already knew what was coming. and he laughingly responded "haha yes you can have it"  didn't even have to say anything hahaha that's why I love him so much! We got a good laugh out of it! He knows me so well! ;)

(Sorry for all the purchasing talk, we aren't really big spenders but lately.....I guess we are)

Last but not least, getting free lunch! I love when that happens. First, I don't have to take the time to pack a lunch in the morning, Second, its FREE and who doesn't love free, and Third, it was yummy pizza! It was for a work meeting, which was super interesting! But Scott got some of the leftovers so it was a win for both of us!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Worth it or not? It's up to you!

Yay its FRIDAY! and we don't have school on Monday! So we get a super long weekend! I am so excited! Most people think of Fridays as date nights but Scott and I mix things up a little and sometimes do date nights on Wednesdays! With the kind of work schedule that he has it doesn't always work with weekend date nights! But that's okay! At least we get in one date a week!

This week for our date we decided to go out to dinner and a movie all thanks to gift cards we've been given! We used the rest of our gift card to Paradise Bakery to have dinner. Simple half sandwich and cookies but it was delish and filling!

Then we hit up the movie theater to watch Les Mis. When we first got there we were the only people in the theater. So what do you do when that happens?? Have a dance party of course! (or make out haha ;)) So that's what we did, danced our little hearts out for a minute...until some one walked in and ruined all the fun of having a theater to ourselves! That's okay, we forgave him and got over it. Just before the movie started there were a total of seven people in the theater! Apparently Wednesday night @ 8:30 for a 3 hour movie isn't the most popular time!

As far as the movie is be honest, I have no desire to watch it again. I know I just stuck a dagger in your heart and twisted it. BUT let me explain. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, it was a great movie! The talent in those actors and actresses is astounding (I never use that word, but I just did cuz it was that good)!! But it was uncontrollably sad, and I am a cry baby like you would not believe. I get it from my dad's side. In fact it has passed down through all of my siblings, I have proof. At my wedding luncheon when my siblings came up to share memories or whatever else, my dad and all three brothers got teary eyed! Big tough guys, teary eyed. Anyways.... point being, I am not a huge sad movie fan cuz I bawl my eyes out and that is a little draining. Also unfortunately there were some completely inappropriate parts in the movie that could have been left out for sure! Anyways, it was good, see it if you want to, but be warned there is no talking, inappropriate-ness, and pure sadness. Worth it or not? It's up to you!

We are more for happy/comedy style movies! That's where its at ;) We would recommend Hotel Transylvania for a new movie, that was fun! That makes us sound lame but we're not I promise!

Overall Date Nights are a success and we love them! It has been so much fun since we have been dating and married! I look forward to it every week!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wonderful Wednesdays

Happy Wednesday everyone!
 Sometimes I feel like Wednesday's get a bad wrap. Its the middle of the week, it always feels like it should be Friday already.... But then you realize that its not even Thursday! I  feel this way often....and I feel bad for the poor day. So in hopes to try and change that, Wednesdays will be the days that I post all about the small things in life that we love!!

Our Treat Drawer. 
I have a love hate relationship going on with it to be honest, but it has been nice to have a few treats throughout the day for a little "pick me up". So here's a shout out to our lovely, too full, treat drawer! Oh how we'll love it and miss it when your gone!

Wedding Pictures
 I have been having so much fun looking through them all and reliving those emotions on our wedding day! It was so fun to see everyone who supported us on our special day! Now I can figure out which ones I want to print off to smother our home with!! :)

This Song... 
Nuff said. Also, the fact that my wonderfully talented husband wrote me a rap about us to this beat and sang it to me at our wedding luncheon makes it even better! It was freaking awesome to say the least! Those of you who saw it can agree, those of you who didn't, we'll get a video of it sometime soon hopefully and share it will ya'll! 

This Necklace
I wear it way to much cuz I love it. I want it in every color!! or any big necklace like every color! It spices up any outfit and I've been needing some spice in my outfits lately. mostly due to the freezing weather which causes you to dress warm over dressing cute therefore I am loving...

...Anything Warm
It is colder than cold outside! In the negatives. Low numbers. All day. Every day. All night. Every night. So I freaking LOVE anything that keeps me warm! My cozy clothes, slippers, the heater in our house, blankets, and cuddling with my cute man.... ;) 

Here's to an ordinary Wednesday, or any ordinary day. Make is EXTRordinary by loving the small things in life! What things do you love? I wanna know! Do tell. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy One Month My LOVE!!

Babe, we have been married for a whole month!! Time seriously flies! There have been lots of changes and fun things that have happened this month! We got to go through the Timpanogos Temple for the first time together, we went a second time to be sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple :), we went on a road trip to California, we hopped on a boat and sailed away to Mexico on our first cruise, we spent Christmas with both families, we had our own Mexican Food/Fantastic Mr. Fox, New Years Eve party, we moved into our own tiny, cute apartment, we started the semester as a married couple, went on lots of fun dates, and I officially changed my name! I think I covered all the big stuff! :D It has been one eventful month!

 I want to tell you how thankful I am for you and all that you do!
Thank you for your....
sweet words to me
numerous compliments
help around the house
help doing the dishes
sweet notes
consistency with prayers and scripture study
Thank you for...
starting my car in the morning
dropping me off at class so i'm not late
getting up early to come to school with me an hour early
leaving my slippers by the door so I can put them on right when I get home
getting my vitamins 
hitting snooze so we can cuddle in the morning (one of my favorite things!)
eating my cooking when you'd rather eat cereal and sweets...all day every day ;)
trying new things
working so hard
donating your body to science to pay for things
helping me to improve and for supporting me through it all
being willing to let me be a girly girl sometimes (aka want to buy clothes and things)
believing in me
and mostly for being yourself and for not being afraid to be silly! 
To top it all off... thanks for being such an attractive STUD of a man!! ;)

Scott Gregory Wuthrich I love you with all my heart and I'm so excited to see what life has in store for us. I know it wont always be easy, we've already had a taste of that, but I know it will be worth it! It will take time and patience,  forgiveness and understanding, a lot of laughing and humor, sweet treats, good food and fun date nights, and it will take a whole lot of faith and hope. But I'm ready for it only if I can be right next to you, by your side, the entire time! I love you!!!!!! Happy ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY!!  

Monday, January 7, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

Can I just be of the things that I was super excited for after becoming a married woman was to not have roommates (along with a million other things)! I have loved my roommates in my college life but I LOVE my eternal companion roommate MUCH much more! It's way more fun! ;)  and its so fun to finally have a place of our own that I can decorate and make all cute and cozy!! I freaking LOVE it! Our apartment is slightly larger than a box but I like it that way! We tease that at all times we are no more than 20 ft away from each other when we are both home, but it really is true! :D Pure bliss! The first few days that we were home, Scott had to work quite a bit sooo while I was home alone I did the organizing, decorating, cleaning, cooking, and baking which are all up my alley! 

and there you have it!! Its coming together! We still need a book shelf to organize all the stuff in the closet which is a mess...shhh don't tell, you can always shut the door and no one has to know whats really in there! ;)   

And to top it all off, what is better than yummy chocolate chip cookies and milk in a cozy cute apartment with the cutest man in the whole world?? I submit, nothing. ;) 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome, have a seat, stay a while!

YAY for the first post on our new blog! Speaking of firsts....we've had a lot of those in the past little while! A first for both of us. Marriage. and what a wonderful adventure it is!! We were sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple for time and all eternity on 12-15-12! best day of my life.

and they lived happily ever after.... the end!! Except for joke is on us, its the BEGINNING of the rest of our lives! There will never be an end to our happily ever after!!! But I'm super okay with that ;)

well...Welcome to "Under the Old Pine". When Scott and I were trying to figure out the tittle, our memories turned to the summer of 2012 when it all started. Well when it started seriously... the "love at first sight" happened a little before that! But i'll get to that later! We had a lot of sayings that we would often use and one of them was "meet me under the old pine". Whenever we left each other for just a second and were meeting back up again Scott would  say, "meet me under the old pine??" But that was a little confusing  because we didn't live by any "old pines". The first time he said it, with a cute smile I responded "of course"! ;) I might have even winked, to make it even better! When it was time, I realized, "Hey, I don't know what he was talking about!" I embarrassingly called him and explained my predicament. Well since then it became a little inside joke between the two of us! Also Scott has a slight obsession with Pine trees, the smell, the look of them, cutting them down...everything! So it was only fitting to name the journal of our lives after a pine tree!

We've come to the realization that life happens so fast! It seems like just yesterday that I was on the "days to the wedding count down"! Then all of a sudden it was here! Then it came and went faster than I could even handle! and the two weeks since our wedding have flown by! We may not be able to control time and the speed of life BUT we can control what we focus our time on and how well we will remember the fun details!
Someone called me an "old married fart"...i'm not ready to let the "old fart" part be true! Here's to life and the joy that it brings, being young, starting a new blog, a new year and best of all, being married....ah I LOVE IT!