Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Zoo Lights

Let me tell you a little secret....
Wendy's is giving out coupons for $3 admission (good for 6 people) to go to Zoo Lights. I don't know about you, but I had never been before. I was pleasantly surprised! It was really fun! We didn't see too many animals, but the plethora of lights made up for that. Plus Coog-a-man was a CHAMP and rocked it in his stroller without hardly making a peep. He was wide eyed and enjoying it, until he became too exhausted and finally crashed. (for 5 minutes, HA)

 We had to take a picture by the Cougar!


 All bundled looking so warm and cozy!!
 He's asleep in this picture.....
 But now he's awake....5 minutes later!
A cat naper even at night!

So the catch is you can only go on Thursday nights in December, so hurry fast!! There is only on more left, because the next one after this week is Christmas!!!!!
9 days!
 I'm so gitty and excited!!!!!!