Thursday, August 11, 2016

Family Pics at Lake Powell!

It may look like I am posting the same picture over and over again....BUT, its hard to catch everyone smiling in the same picture.... so you'll have to enjoy different smiles in each one!! 
Love this little family of mine!

 I know it looks like i've got some weird side fat going on haha, but its just the wind blowing my shirt!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Smith Family Reunion -LAKE POWELL

About a year ago, we all decided that we would start a "Birthday Pot". So every month at our family get together we would celebrate the birthdays for that month. Then everyone put $5 into a pot for every birthday for that month. 
With the money we gathered, we decided to take a trip down to Lake Powell. It was a first for pretty much all of us! And I think I can speak for the group and say WE LOVED IT! 
We camped at the Bull Frog Campground about a mile away from the beach. We were all prepared for some really hot weather, but we went on an awesome weekend because it ended up being pretty mild. It was still really hot of course, but we got some rain, wind, and cloud cover at times to cool it down. The mornings were perfect!! When it got to hot to be at camp, we headed down the the lake. The water is seriously amazing!!! 
We rented a boat on one day and had paddle boards, canoes, and other beach toys the rest of the week. 
I forgot a few times, or didn't have the camera handy so I missed a few things, but here are some pictures I captured!

 So fun meeting Grayson for the first time!!! Such a cute, happy and fun little boy!! 

 The baby whisperer!
 February, March and April babies!!

 Boston found a snake and thank goodness, hurried and told Trenton. All the guys went down and captured it because it was a small rattle snake!! Such a blessing that he found it from somewhat of a distance and was smart to go tell someone!! 
 They put it in a bucket to go relocate it but all the kids wanted to see it first. This is uncle trenton telling them how important it is to be careful and that they cant reach in a grab it!! 

 Pulling in carp right where all of us were swimming, haha, yuck!

 These little ones are the wanderers! So hard to keep an eye on them, especially  all 4 at the same time!

 My kiddos absolutely LOVE aunt Nesha!!

 Ellie is such a good helper!! She loves all the kids and babies!
22 + 1 on the way in September!! 

Love this crazy bunch of kiddos so much!!