Friday, May 31, 2013

The Happenin's As Of Late...

Sorry I have been MIA for the past week or so! It has been a little crazy busy and not too much blogging worthy stuff going on! This might be boring but I will tell you what we have been doing...

First off, we spent Memorial Day weekend with my fam. It was fun to see them! We were going to go camping, but that didn't quite work out. So the rest of the time was filled with fishing, a triple date, car hunting, and just hanging out! Its always fun when we go down!

My sister cut super cute straight across bangs that look great on her! So I wanted to try them. FAIL. They look horrible and I don't like them, most of the time. Not that my sister did a bad job cutting them, I just feel like they aren't the best fit for my round face shape. Hubs says he likes them but he is probably just being nice. Maybe I'll get use to them or just wait till they grow out. We'll see.

Well since June is about here, my practicum is about to get way more busy! (busier than it already is??? why yes! Is that possible? I didn't think so, but apparently!) But good thing it is all fun stuff! Lots of sewing, cooking, organizing, playing secretary, volunteering at youth camps, fair judging and gardening! It's the balancing that and work that's the hard part. There aren't enough hours in the day!

Scott got a new job at T Mobile as a sales rep. We are both so excited for the change! I know he will do great! :D Good job love! Along with a new job comes, no more working late nights, a more set schedule, and no more working Sundays!!! Yahoo!!

We spent our first night apart this week since we've been married. Scott had to be in Draper by 8:15 am for job training. So he headed to Kaysville Tuesday night so he wouldn't have to leave Logan so early and risk being late. I wasn't very happy about the whole idea. But I managed to survive and still get some sleep. I definitely prefer that boy right next to me in bed!

We've had quite the fiasco with cars lately..... We have been saving up and trying to find a car for a while now! We decided to sell  my car and use that money towards a new car. Then after some thought we decided it was best to keep both cars. With both of us working and my practicum it would just be easier that way! The day we decided to not sell the car and keep it, it broke down. SERIOUSLY! We think its the starter. So now we need to get that fixed. Which is a toughy, because its sitting in our parking lot with a seared bolt on the starter, making it 10x's harder to remove. It hasn't moved for about a week now. :/ But good news! We might have found a car finally! Cross your fingers that its a good one and all works out! Stay tuned for more car stories because they are likely to be happening soon!

Lately I have been craving swimming!! I just want to wear my new swimsuit, splash around in the pool, and eat some fresh fruit as I lay out in the sun. Doesn't that sound great?! And the 4th of July couldn't come fast enough! It's my 2nd favorite holiday!! Runner up to Christmas. Seeing all the cute stuff on pinterest has made me even more excited! I told Scott that we ARE going swimming on the 4th, despite the busy-ness at the pools! He can pick something he really wants to do on his favorite holiday! But about swimming on the 4th, I will not budge! ;) It's happenin'.

Well its been quite crazy lately but we are surviving. But all I have to say is thank goodness its Friday! :D

Have a good weekend everyone!! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day Dreaming...

I realized that when I get the chance to day dream, I usually revert back to the same thing in my mind...  decorating or creating something. I use to day dream about my man Scott but now that I have him I can cuddle and enjoy the real life (what use to be a day dream) and then day dream about other things!

So while laying in bed this morning for a minute before we got up I starting thinking about how I would remodel and decorate a particular house. I used the layout of the house as my canvas, then got thinking. I would put in new tile and carpet, base molding and crown molding. I imagined what color I would paint the walls. I pictured where I would put the furniture and what fabric to use for pillows and curtains. I pictured what I could put up on the walls. I even thought about the dishes in the kitchen and how I would organize them. What color the table would be. In each room I imagined how I would organize everything. I pretty much created a whole new space in my mind, and dang was it cute if I do say so myself! It's amazing what you can create in your mind without having to do the work or stay within a certain budget.

I do the same thing when we go on walks. I look at houses and either admire them or think what I would do to make them look better. Sometimes the lawn just needs to be mowed and some flowers planted. Others need some "pick up/clean up" and a new coating of paint. Whatever it is, I LOVE imagining it in my mind. Just for fun! Not only do I love imagining it, I love doing it when I get the chance!

This weekend we went home to visit family. We were getting the house ready to have company over. Which involved cleaning and putting some pictures up on the wall. For some people that just sounds like a lot of work and no fun, but to me it's totally different.

Now i'm not saying I am pro or anything. There are many times where I look at a wall and what I have to use and draw complete blanks of what to do. But I do enjoy thinking about how I can decorate certain spaces or  improve their look. Until we have a house of our own, I think its safe to say that most of my day dreams consist of fabric, furniture, and decorations, and I am more than okay with that. ;)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wonderful, Wishlist, & Words of Wisdom WEDNESDAY

I couldn't decide which one to do and I had thoughts about each so here we go doing all three at the same time, because I can! :)

Wonderful Wednesday:
   It's hard to narrow this one down so I'll just do a general statement of the summer so far! We have been able to do some pretty fun stuff together! It's been great and the weather has been swell!  Along with the fun, there also has been a good mix of work too, and practicum for me! Which I absolutely LOVE! It is right up my alley and exactly what I want to do. We get to help cook, organize, teach community classes, plant a garden, plan activities for cute 4H kiddo's, create recipe books. Guys, I love it!

Wishlist Wednesday:
 I try not to focus to much on what I don't have because that's just silly. But every once in a while its fun to think about a few things that you want here and there!
  The first one would be FREE... if I won! Which I so desperately want to! SNAP is giving away a Canon T-3. My dream right here guys. That would be so awesome! I'm sure you would want one too, so give it a whirl and enter to win!!
  I don't know if you remember from a while back, a post about deciding on long or short hair, found here. Well I decided to go for long. But man oh man it is teaching me patience. Having some extensions from Bellami Hair would be so great! Too bad our bank account doesn't quite agree!

Words of Wisdom Wednesday:
Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Adventure Is Out There"...and we sure found it!

What do you do when you have lots of old bread? Feed it to the ducks! Or as Scott would say, "Huck it at the ducks". We decided to make this outing a little more exciting and ride our bikes there. It was quite the ride actually! I'm feeling it today in my legs and bum... It was well worth it though!

When we first got there, all the ducks were pretty far. But man those things are trained! They knew exactly what was going on and in no time there were lots of them ready for some soggy, old bread. Yum! ;) 

The best part was when theses little lovelies came!! Oh my, they were so stinking cute!! and they make the cutest little noises! Scott's favorite part was seeing me so giddy and excited about it! haha He was about ready to catch one and take it home with us! But that would have made for one seriously mad momma! and I wouldn't have let him keep it anyway ;)

^^ Don't mind my crazy looking hand, it was mid throw^^

(Other than all the bugs) It was so nice to be out there! If you can't tell, we are quite fond of the outdoors! Such a beautiful sight! :) 

On the way home we found a little hidden trail and followed it; one of Scott's favorite things to do. It's even more fun for him if their isn't a trail and he can blaze his own way! 

We are really loving this summer so far! What things do you like to do during the summer? We can always use new ideas for fun adventures!

Monday, May 13, 2013


Have I ever told you how much I LOVE snow cones?? No? Well I LOVE SNOW CONES!! When I was 16 I worked at a snow cone shack. Making them all day and eating them all day too. Even after trying all the flavors and mixing them into millions of different combinations, I still have to say my favorite is Tigers Blood. Original I know, but I love it! So its pretty monumental when the shacks open and we get to enjoy our first of many for the season! We rode our bikes there too which made it even better and more fun! 

Flavor: Tigers Blood
One Cup, Two Straws
Pure LOVE. 

^^ so excited!^^

I love Popsicles too. (more than ice cream, yes its true). If fact when I was a youngin' living at home, my parents had to give me a limit on how many popsicles I could have in one day. If there was no limit, that would have been strictly my diet in the summer! Thanks for saving my body from diabetes by 12 years old Mom and Dad! 
Also if your in the area there is an AMAZING snow cone shack in Provo. They make GIANT snow cones, bigger than your head giant! and they put a cream cap on it. Divine I tell you! If you don't believe me, go try it for yourself. Even if you do believe me, go try it. Right now. You wont regret it! 
^^ this was a few years ago (good thing my face has thinned out, woah)^^
ps. we shared it with like 8 people and still didn't finish the whole thing!

Happy Snow Cone Season everyone!!
what's your favorite flavor??

Picnic By The Creek!

The weather has been beautiful lately! Its funny how here in Utah we go from winter to summer in a matter of days. There is hardly spring in between! Even though it has been hot, I have enjoyed the beautiful flowers and blossoming trees!
We decided to have a picnic up the canyon for our date this last week! The canyon is beautiful, I love it! The combination of rock and multiple shades of green, trees is breathtaking! We wanted to go to "our spot", where we used to have fires when we were dating, and where we went the night we got engaged. Its a perfect little spot by the creek! BUT when we went to claim it for our picnic, it was already taken!!! NO!! I was so disappointed. But we don't know how many other people call it "their spot" too cuz it's just so perfect. Another day, dear spot, another day.
We had to find another spot to sit which wasn't nearly as special but it was still pretty! We parked it there and started eating.
^^ my legs needed some sun, can you tell??^^
^^yum! (haha love the face babe!)^^
^^smoochy, smoochy ;)^^

After we ate, we laid there enjoying the nice weather, and the sound of the creek! Perfection. It was so fun! We are going to be spending as much time as we can up here this summer going camping, making campfires, and hiking! I'm so glad we live so close! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Chevon Painted Placemats!

I seriously LOVE how these placemats turned out! I knew we needed something to protect our table from scratches and I just couldn't find anything that was cute and within our budget. So when I saw they "plain jane" mats (@ Wal-Mart), my mind starting turning thinking "what can I do with these to make them cute".

I love this chevron craze! So I decided to do a simple chevron design on them.

I cut out a stencil with some thin cardboard. It was actually harder than I thought to get the measurements right! But then again, thats why I am not a math whiz! So once I got that down the process was pretty quick. I just simply traced the lines onto the mat about 2.5 inches apart. Which depends on how big or small you want the zig zags to be.

After you finish tracing,  tape off  the lines that wont be painted with painters tape (or masking tape)

Pick a color and PAINT it! I just used acrylic paint, which worked fine for me. They aren't stiff or anything like that. Once it dries, remove the tape and be amazed at how great they look! I haven't yet, but I think I am going to put a paint sealer over the top. We don't have any kids yet but in the near future we will. So we'll just start preparing now! It really just  adds a simple, classy touch to your table!
Or color! Depending on what color you paint them and what style you are going for!  

What bright colors would you add to your table for summer time??

Funny Stories

Okay I have two funny stories to share, one with a lesson learned. hahaha If you know me at all, you know that it usually doesnt take much to make me laugh and its generally hard for me to stop laughing once I have started. I do the whole scrunchy face, bend in half, and cross my legs cuz I'm gonna pea my pants laughing....quick embarassing sometimes. Anywho...

Story #1
We found out that my 2nd cousin that I have not seen in AGES is in our ward! When I saw her, I instantly knew I knew her from somewhere but I couldn't quite figure it out! And then I had these flash backs and realized that we were related! I remembered running around the church together at a family reunion when we were like 5 years old! Its so fun that we ended up in the same ward years and years later! we went out to dinner with her and her husband. It was so much fun to sit and chat with them! They are great!

So Levi was telling a story about cougars and how you can fight them (cuz that's the kind of fun stuff we talked about). Well he was saying, "you can flick them in the nose" while doing the action of flicking. In the process he managed to catch a glob of sour cream from his taco and flick it onto my forehead. I was sitting there listening, and about to take and bite, when WHAM/SPLAT! hahaha! I didn't even realize what happened for a second but he was apologetically laughing and I began laughing so hard!! He felt bad but I wasn't mad at all. I thought it was so funny! In fact when I thought about it again that night I started laughing so hard! haha It was just one of those perfectly funny moments! Maybe a "have to be there situation". I dont know, you tell me!

Story #2 + Lesson Learned
While walking to my car from work the other day, I noticed a girl walking ahead of me. She was wearing a very short skirt and wearing very tall stiletto heals. I couldn't help but think that she looked quite ridiculous walking the way that she was. Well, right as I had those thoughts, I myself, walking in flat sandals, caught the edge of the curb and tripped/lurched forward, like an idiot. haha so I got what I deserved. And a little reminded to not judge others. I felt silly. and I ripped my favorite pair of sandals in the process. :( no bueno. You can bet that girl in high heals looked way better than me at that moment in time. So go for it girl, rock those heals! I won't judge.

Friday, May 3, 2013


But this Friday is no ordinary Friday folks, its the "end of the semester" Friday!!! Woot Woot! Summertime!!! :D Yesterday I finished my last test! Now I know I am not graduated yet, but i'm done with my FCHD courses and most generals! (all but math) I'm gettin' there. Someday I will proudly wear that cap and gown...someday...

Scott finished a few days ago but we had to wait to celebrate until I was officially done. So last night I made a pan of yummy brownies!! ate them with ice cream and watched a movie, that we laughed through. Not because it was a funny comedy, but because it was so cheesy!

This summer is going to be a busy one....but none the less we will fit in some fun! I'm so ready for the sun, summer clothes, early morning runs, farmers market, picnics at the park, bike rides, hikes, warm days, cool nights sleeping with the window open, swimming, celebrating my birthday and the 4th of July (my 2nd favorite holiday), and everything else that wonderful summer brings!! Bring it on! :D

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Words of Wisdom Wednesdays"

I think I just made up my own word, "positivity". But it describes what I need to have more of! Here are some Words of Wisdom on this Wednesday afternoon. I don't know if you need it, but I sure do. 

 ^^ Nuff Said^^