Friday, June 13, 2014

Right now

Wearing: a comfy baggy tee with shorts, gotta love summer!

Eating:  a pesto chicken sandwich with mozzarella (and normally tomatoes, but we ran out and grocery shopping day is tomorrow)

Doing: lots of laundry. But what's better than jumping into a nicely made bed with clean sheets after a long day? I submit, nothing.

Hoping: Coog will take a LONG nap....anything longer than 40 minutes would be supperb! That boy needs to sleep!

Wanting: a giant Tigers Blood snow cone from Hokula, our fave.

Reading: my usual blogs. Its funny how excited I get with new posts!

Feeling: extremely tired. but hey I got a solid 5 hours at one time last night baby! But maybe the night before last is what's kickin' me. :(

Wondering: who came up with the phrase "sleeping like a baby" as a good thing. I don't know about you, or your baby, or baby's you know...but I'd much rather prefer "sleeping like a rock", than "sleeping like a, our baby"

Watching: my tanning lotion get darker as the day goes on. White girl probs.

Ready for: the weekend baby!!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mac n' Cheese

I cant remember the last time that I ate Mac n' Cheese. Probably because we don't have a little mouth eating solids yet. So to throw some excitement into our dinner menu, I tried a new recipe.
 Pepper Jack Bacon Mac n' Cheese
 I don't think this should be considered Mac n' Cheese, it was way too good! Scott calls it "the Olive Garden dinner". Discovered on Pinterest, this is definitely a must try if your into the pasta thing. Warning though, it does have a spicy kick to it, which we LOVE. It is delish! and fairly simple too!

Recipe from Crème de la Crumb blog.
Pepperjack Bacon Mac n' Cheese | Creme de la Crumb

Monday, June 2, 2014

Get a LIFE

I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day....casual conversation style. I probably called to ask her a question, but of course she asked how I was doing. I said good...and rattled off my "eventful day" thus far with Cooger. Mentioning any blow outs, giggles, nap time, fussiness, and everything else you do with a baby at home. She then interrupted and said,

"You need some hobbies!"

I explained that I was happy being a stay at home mommy and hanging out with my Coogster all day long. Which she then responded,

"of course! As you should! But you need things to do while he is napping and playing!"

That got me thinking. I have given up a few things in this adjustment to becoming a mom. Some are not necessary sacrifices and I believe that ALL moms need to have time to do things that they love. We are human too!! All of this of course comes after my responsibility to care for, nurture, and love on this baby boy...and the hubs!

So to start of with, I started running again! YAHWHOO! Have I missed that! This morning was my first run in a LONG time. And while it was uncomfortable, tiring and hard....there was something about it that felt familiar and wonderful. I know it will be a long road ahead to get up to the point where I can go far and enjoy it. But I long for that feeling again. My colorful running shoes hitting the pavement, cool summer morning wind in my face, and free legs! Bring it on baby!

Second, here I am. BLOGGING. me, writing, documenting and recording our life. again. I haven't stopped reading blogs, I just stopped writing here. :( Sorry about that. Mostly sorry to our little fam for the short break in history.

Also, i'm thinking of asking for a sewing machine for my b-day coming up. I don't really know much at all about sewing but I think its the coolest and I'd love to learn! My mom, sister, Pinterest, and a few blogs have got me inspired!

My main excuse for the lack of hobbies was being so tired! Staying up throughout the night with a baby means NAP TIME when he naps! Enjoy it while there's only one right? And the fact that there are still chores to be done and mouths to feed. But hey I enjoy those things a lot too so I wasn't hobby-less....I think I just enjoy cleaning more than most people realize. Even my mom, haha. How'd she get so lucky with a cleaning freak like me! ;)

And also the fact that my little one only sleeps for about 45 minutes at a time. Which means its crunch time right when he falls asleep and I try to get as much done as I can!

Speaking of that...someone is awake and squirmin....gotta go! :)