Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I almost didn't even realize it was WEDNESDAY..

Today is Wednesday huh? I kinda forgot that it was. Yesterday felt like Thursday. Why? I don't know! Maybe its cuz I am so stinkin' tired. Why? I don't know. I blame it on school I guess. I am Queen of procrastination, meaning I waited till the night before, starting at 6:30, to write an 8 page paper on the worst movie ever! haha don't ever watch "American Graffiti", it's slightly a waste of your life. There wasn't really a story line. But oh well, it has been watched by the hubs and I. and the paper is written, so all is said and done! 
On a more positive note....Lets talk about how wonderful this Wednesday is. Lately we have been lovin'...

1. Time spent with family! The previous post talks about the details. But we are just so grateful for family! After getting married you get two families! The more the merrier!! :D

2. We have also loved that we didn't have to go anywhere to see family, they came to us! We got to show off our cute little apartment! It was so much fun to have company!

3. This is just me...but yesterday I had a serious craving for a donut...or two. Oops! But let me tell ya, I NEVER crave donuts. It was weird but I completely enjoyed it!!

4. We are sooo excited to welcome home Paul (Scott's brother who has been on and LDS mission in Africa) tonight! It was supposed to happen last night but his travel was delayed so we are heading to the airport tonight! I'm excited to meet my new brother for the first time in person!

5. The semester is almost over, and the thought of it is so exciting! But I can't think about school past that, cuz its just not good. Too much left, too much money. boo.

6. Scott is so good at finding new songs. He found this one one yesterday that we love. It's a rap song, clean of course, but that's how we roll around here. We like to think of ourselves as gansters. Well in reality Scott gets that title, more than me. I married a Gansta' and boy are we in love! ;)

7. Scott had a dream last night that he was playing Spiderman with our little boy. He said, "not in spiderman outfits, but we were climbing walls and stuff". That thought brought pure joy to me instantly! I can't wait to watch him be a Dad. It made me want to pause and stay in that moment for a little while. Cuddling in bed together. I didn't want to get up!

Life is good. We have so much to be thankful for and happy about! We'd love to hear what makes your Wednesdays wonderful! Let us know! 

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