Tuesday, September 20, 2016


We had such a great experience here at the San Francisco Botanical Garden. It is 50 acres of so many different trees, plants, flowers and succulents from around the world. It was broken up into different sections like New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Native California...and more! It was so peaceful being there. 
We LOVED it. 

 Scott captured perfectly what I was doing the whole time! Every second saying, "wow look at this one! How beautiful!" "Amazing" "I love these!" "Lets plant these ones when we get a house" and so on.... haha!

We would both highly recommend visiting here! I've never been anywhere like it! It was beautiful!

Monday, September 19, 2016

San Francisco DAY FOUR

Day four was our last day. There were mixed feelings of our big trip ending and freaking excitement of snuggling our kiddos at home! Even though we had to start heading back in the early evening, we had time for some really fun things! 
Saturday morning we got ready, ate a quick breakfast on the go, and caught a bus heading toward Golden Gate Park. The ride was about 40 minutes or so. This park is huge but our main focus was on the disc golf course and the botanical garden! 

 For those who don't know, Scott has really gotten into the sport disc golf. He is really good at it too! So of course we had to go the course in San Fransisco, how could we not? It was much different than the courses we have close to our house. It was way more woodsy with tons of trees. So fun! I threw a few discs too, but ended up being the bag carrier so I could just watch that stud play! 

A quiet, sanctuary from the busy city! We loved going here! I feel like its off the beaten path of the main touristy things in San Fran, but we're so glad we made it out there. 

After disc golf, we walked to the botanical garden. It was "no car day" so there were TONS of people biking, running and walking. It was really fun! The botanical garden is a post by itself...coming soon! There are just way too many beautiful pics I have to share of that place!

Scott was so excited he saw a turtle in the pond!!

On the way back, we missed a bus, then got on the wrong bus, got on the right bus and finally headed back to the hotel!  With how confusing public transit can be, I am surprised that only happened once! Scott really was so good at that, thank goodness! 

Time to check out of our hotel!

 Classy place!
Because our flight didn't leave till later that day, they held our bags until we had to go!
More exploring of the city streets!

 We decided to make a trip to Lombard Street quick before returning the bikes. It was SO crowded, so we pulled ourselves up onto a fence and just looked down as much as we could so we didn't have to fight the crowds down and then back up too! 

Trying to make it back down the hill. I wish I could have shown just how steep it really was!!

We made our last stops to get the souveniers we had been eyeing all week. And a stop to Chocolate Heaven for some treats to hold us over for our wait at the airport!

So think back to the Shark Fishing Post, how I mentioned we saved some of the shark and halibut. Well Saturday was the day to eat it! We took it to Capurro's on the pier. You get to choose how to have it cooked and then it comes with 2 sides as well for a decent price!

Our view from inside!
Our cute old waitress tried taking a few pictures of us, but they all turned out soo blurry, haha!

 So, I cant say I loved it, but it was good! The shark didn't really have much flavor but it was super tender. I liked the breading and sauce on it! The halibut was really good blackened with lots of lemon juice, salt and pepper! 
 Scott was loving this!!! So excited to eat his catch!!! 
After a little bit more exploring, we ate one more Ghiradelli Sundae, picked up our bags, and started our trek to the airport. I am so glad we gave ourselves plenty of time because the way back ended up being a little crazy! There were delays because of construction, but we FINALLY made it. 
Once we got through all the airport stuff, I called my mom to let her know we were coming soon. Both Maria and my mom got to our apartment around the same time to put the kids to bed there. Coog came on the phone and as soon as I heard that "hi mama" in his sweet voice, I balled!!!!! 

Even thought we were ready to see our kiddos, I was sad to leave this city of San Fransisco. We had such a blast and got to do soooo many fun things!!!! 
We are so grateful that Scott works for such a good company, AdvancedMD, who sponsored this trip!!! Thank you sooooo much! We loved it!
Until next time, San Fran. XOXO