Tuesday, August 13, 2013

13 Weeks...(a week late)

I'm sure for most of you this may be a boring post, or sound like I'm being "Complaining Jane" over here, and for that, I am sorry! But this blog is a journal for us and i'm just updating on how pregnancy life has been thus far. It is so different for everyone. I know it could be a lot worse and even a lot better for me than it has been for many others. But again...its just a record for us.

Well this pregnancy thing, it hasn't been easy thus far, that is for sure. I have had a healthy dose of nausea and fatique. We found out that I was pregnant when I was about 5 weeks along. The random people that I would meet and tell (cuz I knew I would never see them again and I was sooo excited I couldnt hold it in) would always ask, "are you sick yet?" At that point I could say "No, not at all! I feel great!!!" Well that didn't last long because about a week later it hit me like a ton of bricks. Thank goodness the doctor had already given me a prescription for Zofran. So that morning, Scott ran to the store and picked it up, along with a few other things I needed. Since week 6, it has been the exact same situation. The Zofran, along with eating a lot, became a life saver. I couldn't function without it! Well at about week 10, it stopped working. :( But after it stopped working and I stopped taking it, I could finally go to the bathroom with ease. "Ah, finally" TMI, but that wasn't fun either!! I guess you just gotta pick your poison and decide which is worse.

Most days, if I keep my tummy full (which means eating every 1 to 1 1/2 hours) i'm fine. Every once in a while, that doesn't even help. I have thrown up quite a bit. After about 4 times I stopped counting.

Here is a break down of what eating has been like....as far as likes and dislikes.

Pregnancy Dislikes:

the smell and taste of Panda Express....gross. I didn't like Chinese food before...but now I REALLY don't like Chinese food.
Sweets...which is weird cuz normally I have a sweet tooth like constantly. But now, not so much.
Lunch Meat: I know, I know. Its dangerous and a "No-No" for pregnant women....I heat it up before I eat it. Well the one time that I tried it. But it wasn't hitting the spot, which maybe is a good thing.
Yogurt: I liked it until it came right back up after I ate it..now, not so much.
Pineapple and Mangos: same situation as the yogurt.
 (its the worst when your favorites are ruined by throwing them up. sick.

Pregnancy Likes:

Cereal...lots and lots of it.
Top Ramen
Salty foods
Mexican Food (specifically from a local restaurant, El Toro Viejo)
For most of the first trimester I liked eating salad and veggies. I still like them but I dont crave them as much. and I am a little more picky with salad (its gotta be so fresh or else its hard for me to eat)

There isn't one thing that I crave all the time, but every once in a while I smell something good and I want it. That has happened with french fries, pizza, and popcorn mostly. I have always been a pizza fan so that's understandable. French fries, I don't eat often at all...so that one is a little odd. I have eaten all of those things once and haven't craved them since. Lately nothing sounds good.

Sounds like I am not really scoring and A+ in the healthy eating section. Just because they are "likes and cravings" doesn't mean I eat them all the time. In fact, I have tried really hard to eat well. I still eat my fruits, veggies and whole grains. And a feat for me...cutting back a ton on my sugar intake! (without even craving it) whoot whoot!

I have just one more week in the first trimester and I am praying and hoping that the nausea and fatique go along with it. For most women, that is the case. For some, it isn't. I hope it is for me. It is hard I tell ya. Pregnancy isn't for sissy's.

Scott has been such a WONDERFUL support for me. He even comes and rubs my back and sits (kind of) by me, as close as he can get, when I am throwing up. I know thats not fun for him but I am so grateful to know that he is right there by me to help me. He'll wake up early to get me a bowl of cereal when I feel nauseous and then patiently try to sleep while I sit there and eat it. He has picked up the slack around the house, especially the dishes. I love that man so much. I definately could not do this alone. Thanks babe ;)

As far as we know, our baby is growing and developing perfectly!! We pray that he/she will continue to do so! We love you baby Wuthrich!! All of this is definitely worth it, knowing that we will get to meet you and love you in real life in less than 6 more months!! :) You just keep on growing and developing, even if it makes me sick. ;)