Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Friday!

Holy Smokes did it feel like this week was super slow or what??! GEEZ! Well its finally Friday! and its a fairly nice day! We had that weird cold front come in, which was no fun! But Spring is one of my FAVES so i'm seriously enjoying this weather for as long as it lasts!! During Spring we get Easter, General Conference, blossoming trees, green grass, blue skies, and pretty flowers! What else could you ask for!

side note: My sister in law shared these sweet apps with me the other day and I've been going crazy with em! They make your pictures look sweet (like the ones above). Seriously sooo fun! I love doing this with my pictures now! If you have a smart phone find these apps: Pixlr Express and PicsArt. They are great! 
Happy Friday everyone! Have a GREAT weekend!! 

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