Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend!

We had such a fun time with my side of the Family for Easter! It was loaded with eggs, candy, good food, and good company. I realized that I eat hard boiled eggs about once a year, and thats on Easter! I love a bowl full of stained colorful white and yellow! YUM! and some sugar cookies in the morning too! ;)
So we started the weekend with rock climbing with Kaeley and Trevor! The boys (Boston and Tucker) came with us which was so fun! Boston who is only 3 years old is a rock climbing crazy! He does so good and isnt even afraid when he gets high up on the wall! I was so impressed!
^^ Kaeley and baby Tucker^^

^^ look at him go!^^

After climbing we stopped at Sonic for a lemon berry slush! During high school Kaeley and I would go all the time during happy hour to get one! We loved them! That was the first time i've had one since then. It might become a regular event now! I was reminded how good they are!
That night we stayed up sooo late! The latest we have stayed up since we have been married. (our bedtime now is around 10) We started the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, at about 10:30 and it didnt get over till after 1am! I couldn't last through the whole thing at all, but Scott did!

Now to celebrate EASTER:
Saturday we started the day with some yard work. Scott is a "pruning man" now so Dad recruited him to do the 2 apple trees and pear tree. Since they have never been pruined, it was quite the job! The sun and good weather was so nice!
All the family came over and we dyed easter eggs, had an Easter egg hunt, decorated cupcakes and cookies!

^^ Here are the kids getting ready to find all the eggs^^
(missing a few grandkids)
^^ Showing Grandpa the spoils^^
The adults also did a hunt. Well it ended up just being Tawnette, Kaeley and I while Scott and Nesha hid the eggs (hard, might I add, like under rocks burried in the dirt!!)  
 Before we started, Kaeley handed me a bag to collect my eggs with. I examinded it and found a huge rip all the way down the side! haha sisters. The things we do. Holy smokes do we get competitive as sisters!!
Church was great as always! Remembering the true meaning of Easter is so important.
Even though we ended the week with me getting sick and having to take monday off to sleep and recover, it was still worth it!

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