Monday, April 22, 2013


We watch a lot of movies... because of the cold weather. The easiness of it. And we like it. Its fun to cuddle on the couch. ;) But sometimes you just have to mix it up a little bit, add some excitement!
Scott had a great idea for our date night. Because we had left overs we saved money and ate at home. Then we gave ourselves a 10$ budget to find a new game and a treat! So we ventured to Wal-Mart and perused the game isle. We finally decided on Phase 10. That's a good classic that you just have to have. Then on the way to find a treat we got distracted by the candles and the little music stand that you push the button and get a sample of the CD. Ya know what I'm talking about?? Well it turned into a game. One person would choose and then the other person had to guess which one they pushed. It was so fun! And we couldn't help but start dancing when the good music came on!
It reminded me of when we first started dating. Care-free and super flirty! ;) One of our firsts dates, after we got ice cream, we went to wal-mart and smelled candles. haha and just messed around and it was so much fun!! That'w how we roll around here!
Scott was in charge of the treat so it was no surprise that we got ice cream and birthday cake Oreos! ;)

We did watch a movie too, but the point is, that's not the only thing that we did for our date night! We mix it up by adding new fun things!! Whatever night date night lands on, its my favorite night of the week, by far!! 

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