Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pack's Pumpkin Patch

We've gone to this patch in Farmington for two years now and I love it. There is something exciting about walking out into the giant fields in search of your pumpkin! 

 Plus, they have a few different activities that make it more fun! 

 We let Cooger lead the way through the maze, until we realized we'd be there for a while, so we "helped" him a little bit! 

We never quite got around to carving them (I'm kind of okay with that). But they sure have been pretty by our doorway! Hopefully they will last till thanksgiving! 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Snowbird -day 2

 Day two, was another day to wake up to this AMAZING view. I love it! 

 This time, we explored the creek! 

 These two always doing crazy (scary) things!!!!

 And this little one, always throwing rocks!!
Day two was short, but we loved every minute of being up in that beautiful place!!! 

Snowbird -Day 1

We had the opportunity to go to Snowbird this year and stay in the Iron Blossom Lodge. Scott's grandparents own a time share there and they offered it to us for a few days. The past two years at Snowbird have been so much fun and we have made some awesome memories. Even though we didn't see any moose :( we still had a great time! 
We went up on Thursday night and stayed till Saturday afternoon.
Cooger, the lover of the outdoors, had a blast. Plus, he loved being somewhere other than home!
We started bright and early with Cooger, of course. The yummy breakfast, with the amazing view is my fave.
 Then we went on an adventure, in our jammies!

 Running to give me beautiful flowers!
Such a sweet little boy!

 We snuck in a little nap before Uncle Paul came in the afternoon.
Then we adventured again.
Enjoying the gorgeous views!

I didn't have my camera out the whole time, but the rest of the day we relaxed, went swimming, went out to dinner, then relaxed inside agin before hitting the hay!
Cooger stayed up way too late, but he was just too energetic to go to sleep in such an exciting, new place!