Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Logan's Best Kept Secret" Date Night!

Our weeks get super busy but we fit a date night in sometime during the week. This was a last minute, can't do it any other night of the week, date! Scott served a couple at Olive Garden who are owners of a restaurant. So he told me a while back that we would go there but he didn't tell me where it was! It was a surprise. I love surprises but I am also very curious, impatient and relentless. But this time I knew I needed to just go with the flow!
We got ready and started driving, and I asked one last question, more teasing than serious.
 "Its not at a gas station right??" 
Then we laughed and joked about that for a minute. 
BUT THEN Scott pulled into the gas station and said, "lets get some gas, we're running a little low"
 "Babe, we are almost full! ...Oh my heck, it IS at the Gas Station huh??"  

hahaha Logan's Best Kept Secret right there folks! It is a little Mexican Restaurant tucked inside a gas station. There are no signs out front or anything. I don't even know if it has a name! You pick your meat, then how you want it. A salad, burrito, enchiladas, quesodilla, or taco. Its all 6.50. It was actually pretty good! I liked it!
We packed it all up and ate it at the park since the weather was so nice! The best part about it all is that it really was in a Gas Station. Who would have ever thought!

We ended the night with a joyful find!! Scott's "Beloved Birthday Cake Oreo's". We have been searching and searching and finally found them!! He was so happy! Seriously, once you have them, you will never go back to the normal ones. They are divine. and they smell divine. They are at Walmart but probably wont last long! So hurry go get yours, you wont regret it!

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  1. I think your blog is so cute! Just so you know, I'm Tori's friend and I'm under Jean Valjean (like from Les Mis) just so you don't think some random man is following you :)