Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wonderful, Wishlist, & Words of Wisdom WEDNESDAY

I couldn't decide which one to do and I had thoughts about each so here we go doing all three at the same time, because I can! :)

Wonderful Wednesday:
   It's hard to narrow this one down so I'll just do a general statement of the summer so far! We have been able to do some pretty fun stuff together! It's been great and the weather has been swell!  Along with the fun, there also has been a good mix of work too, and practicum for me! Which I absolutely LOVE! It is right up my alley and exactly what I want to do. We get to help cook, organize, teach community classes, plant a garden, plan activities for cute 4H kiddo's, create recipe books. Guys, I love it!

Wishlist Wednesday:
 I try not to focus to much on what I don't have because that's just silly. But every once in a while its fun to think about a few things that you want here and there!
  The first one would be FREE... if I won! Which I so desperately want to! SNAP is giving away a Canon T-3. My dream right here guys. That would be so awesome! I'm sure you would want one too, so give it a whirl and enter to win!!
  I don't know if you remember from a while back, a post about deciding on long or short hair, found here. Well I decided to go for long. But man oh man it is teaching me patience. Having some extensions from Bellami Hair would be so great! Too bad our bank account doesn't quite agree!

Words of Wisdom Wednesday:
Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! 

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