Monday, May 13, 2013

Picnic By The Creek!

The weather has been beautiful lately! Its funny how here in Utah we go from winter to summer in a matter of days. There is hardly spring in between! Even though it has been hot, I have enjoyed the beautiful flowers and blossoming trees!
We decided to have a picnic up the canyon for our date this last week! The canyon is beautiful, I love it! The combination of rock and multiple shades of green, trees is breathtaking! We wanted to go to "our spot", where we used to have fires when we were dating, and where we went the night we got engaged. Its a perfect little spot by the creek! BUT when we went to claim it for our picnic, it was already taken!!! NO!! I was so disappointed. But we don't know how many other people call it "their spot" too cuz it's just so perfect. Another day, dear spot, another day.
We had to find another spot to sit which wasn't nearly as special but it was still pretty! We parked it there and started eating.
^^ my legs needed some sun, can you tell??^^
^^yum! (haha love the face babe!)^^
^^smoochy, smoochy ;)^^

After we ate, we laid there enjoying the nice weather, and the sound of the creek! Perfection. It was so fun! We are going to be spending as much time as we can up here this summer going camping, making campfires, and hiking! I'm so glad we live so close! 

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