Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day Dreaming...

I realized that when I get the chance to day dream, I usually revert back to the same thing in my mind...  decorating or creating something. I use to day dream about my man Scott but now that I have him I can cuddle and enjoy the real life (what use to be a day dream) and then day dream about other things!

So while laying in bed this morning for a minute before we got up I starting thinking about how I would remodel and decorate a particular house. I used the layout of the house as my canvas, then got thinking. I would put in new tile and carpet, base molding and crown molding. I imagined what color I would paint the walls. I pictured where I would put the furniture and what fabric to use for pillows and curtains. I pictured what I could put up on the walls. I even thought about the dishes in the kitchen and how I would organize them. What color the table would be. In each room I imagined how I would organize everything. I pretty much created a whole new space in my mind, and dang was it cute if I do say so myself! It's amazing what you can create in your mind without having to do the work or stay within a certain budget.

I do the same thing when we go on walks. I look at houses and either admire them or think what I would do to make them look better. Sometimes the lawn just needs to be mowed and some flowers planted. Others need some "pick up/clean up" and a new coating of paint. Whatever it is, I LOVE imagining it in my mind. Just for fun! Not only do I love imagining it, I love doing it when I get the chance!

This weekend we went home to visit family. We were getting the house ready to have company over. Which involved cleaning and putting some pictures up on the wall. For some people that just sounds like a lot of work and no fun, but to me it's totally different.

Now i'm not saying I am pro or anything. There are many times where I look at a wall and what I have to use and draw complete blanks of what to do. But I do enjoy thinking about how I can decorate certain spaces or  improve their look. Until we have a house of our own, I think its safe to say that most of my day dreams consist of fabric, furniture, and decorations, and I am more than okay with that. ;)

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