Friday, May 31, 2013

The Happenin's As Of Late...

Sorry I have been MIA for the past week or so! It has been a little crazy busy and not too much blogging worthy stuff going on! This might be boring but I will tell you what we have been doing...

First off, we spent Memorial Day weekend with my fam. It was fun to see them! We were going to go camping, but that didn't quite work out. So the rest of the time was filled with fishing, a triple date, car hunting, and just hanging out! Its always fun when we go down!

My sister cut super cute straight across bangs that look great on her! So I wanted to try them. FAIL. They look horrible and I don't like them, most of the time. Not that my sister did a bad job cutting them, I just feel like they aren't the best fit for my round face shape. Hubs says he likes them but he is probably just being nice. Maybe I'll get use to them or just wait till they grow out. We'll see.

Well since June is about here, my practicum is about to get way more busy! (busier than it already is??? why yes! Is that possible? I didn't think so, but apparently!) But good thing it is all fun stuff! Lots of sewing, cooking, organizing, playing secretary, volunteering at youth camps, fair judging and gardening! It's the balancing that and work that's the hard part. There aren't enough hours in the day!

Scott got a new job at T Mobile as a sales rep. We are both so excited for the change! I know he will do great! :D Good job love! Along with a new job comes, no more working late nights, a more set schedule, and no more working Sundays!!! Yahoo!!

We spent our first night apart this week since we've been married. Scott had to be in Draper by 8:15 am for job training. So he headed to Kaysville Tuesday night so he wouldn't have to leave Logan so early and risk being late. I wasn't very happy about the whole idea. But I managed to survive and still get some sleep. I definitely prefer that boy right next to me in bed!

We've had quite the fiasco with cars lately..... We have been saving up and trying to find a car for a while now! We decided to sell  my car and use that money towards a new car. Then after some thought we decided it was best to keep both cars. With both of us working and my practicum it would just be easier that way! The day we decided to not sell the car and keep it, it broke down. SERIOUSLY! We think its the starter. So now we need to get that fixed. Which is a toughy, because its sitting in our parking lot with a seared bolt on the starter, making it 10x's harder to remove. It hasn't moved for about a week now. :/ But good news! We might have found a car finally! Cross your fingers that its a good one and all works out! Stay tuned for more car stories because they are likely to be happening soon!

Lately I have been craving swimming!! I just want to wear my new swimsuit, splash around in the pool, and eat some fresh fruit as I lay out in the sun. Doesn't that sound great?! And the 4th of July couldn't come fast enough! It's my 2nd favorite holiday!! Runner up to Christmas. Seeing all the cute stuff on pinterest has made me even more excited! I told Scott that we ARE going swimming on the 4th, despite the busy-ness at the pools! He can pick something he really wants to do on his favorite holiday! But about swimming on the 4th, I will not budge! ;) It's happenin'.

Well its been quite crazy lately but we are surviving. But all I have to say is thank goodness its Friday! :D

Have a good weekend everyone!! 

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