Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Adventure Is Out There"...and we sure found it!

What do you do when you have lots of old bread? Feed it to the ducks! Or as Scott would say, "Huck it at the ducks". We decided to make this outing a little more exciting and ride our bikes there. It was quite the ride actually! I'm feeling it today in my legs and bum... It was well worth it though!

When we first got there, all the ducks were pretty far. But man those things are trained! They knew exactly what was going on and in no time there were lots of them ready for some soggy, old bread. Yum! ;) 

The best part was when theses little lovelies came!! Oh my, they were so stinking cute!! and they make the cutest little noises! Scott's favorite part was seeing me so giddy and excited about it! haha He was about ready to catch one and take it home with us! But that would have made for one seriously mad momma! and I wouldn't have let him keep it anyway ;)

^^ Don't mind my crazy looking hand, it was mid throw^^

(Other than all the bugs) It was so nice to be out there! If you can't tell, we are quite fond of the outdoors! Such a beautiful sight! :) 

On the way home we found a little hidden trail and followed it; one of Scott's favorite things to do. It's even more fun for him if their isn't a trail and he can blaze his own way! 

We are really loving this summer so far! What things do you like to do during the summer? We can always use new ideas for fun adventures!

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