Friday, February 22, 2013

What to do, What to do???

I'm sure we all have this dilemma every so often, and ask this question:

 "Do I grow out my hair or cut it short?" 


Well....that's what I've been asking myself lately. and I honestly don't know!!! Its been driving me slightly crazy.... I see so many girls with such pretty long hair and it makes me want long hair! But then I have to ask myself,  "even if I had long hair would it look full and luscious like that?"  But on the other hand, short hair is so much faster and easier!

Long hair is so pretty! 
and short hair is so cute!! 
Who will the winner be?? I don't have the slightest idea folks! 

Short Hair 


Long Hair 
(this obviously isn't me, but you get the idea, I couldn't find a long hair picture of me) 

What do you think???? 


  1. I think so too, I had a moment of really wanting short hair but I think i'll stick it out!

  2. This is your cousin Sarah Deakins not nick writing. I think Long, I love my long hair. I like it because I can do lots of fun braids and updos. I think it makes women look younger, and now that I am 30 I am liking this young look. It does take more time to style but I dont wash my hair every day (the person who cuts my hair says it better for your hair to not wash it every day) so the style last for 2 days sometimes 3 days. Try Long

  3. That is so true, there are a lot more options and fun things to do with long hair! I read somewhere that it takes an average of a year to grow about 6 inches and that is where i'd like my hair to be. I've been trying to not use heat, to go a few days without washing it and trimming it often! I'm hoping that will help! I really just need to be patient and give time for it to grow!