Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy February!

Since this is the month to celebrate Love, we thought we'd share a few things that we are Lovin' right now!

what SHE loves...

A cute boy named Scott ;)
Our cute little apartment
yummy new recipes
Date night!!
anything sweet and tasty
our wedding pictures
black leggings, long wool socks, and boots
getting mail
when 5 o'clock rolls around everyday
nights that Scott doesn't have to work
cuddle time at night and in the morning ;) (my fave)
no homework! 
warm(er than it was) days!
flash backs of our early dating days ;)
kissing (and lots of it)

what HE loves....

a babe-a-licious wifey
when she lets me eat cereal almost anytime i want ;)
cuddlin' with my woman
her great cooking skills
our lil' apartment home
my wifey's bum in a nice tight pair of jeans!
her ocean-blue eyes
the temple and gospel...through which im sealed to my woman forever!
awesome music and my side hobby of rapping
a provide for my woman.
sweet ol' memories
making out
the ol' georgia pine tree

We're in love and we love it!


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