Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines Day #1

This year we spent our first Valentines together! It was so much fun!! Its hard to surprise each other when you live in very close quarters and you don't spend too much time home alone! So the night before I was banned from the living room and he was banned from the kitchen while be both worked on our gifts for each other!
On Valentines Day morning we started the day with some cuddling of course, getting ready for the day, then a surprise of a "heart attack" around the living room (with paper hearts) and giant muffins for Scott!! Which was quite the adventure making them. They were sooo dense! One box fit into 6 giant molds! They were tasty though! and he loves muffins so I thought it would be a fun breakfast!!

He then opened one of his presents from me because I knew he could use them at work all day! Scott is all about practical/need based gifts so its kind of hard to shop for him and make it fun! He needed shoe inserts and he showed me which ones a while back! Well I knew he forgot about them so it would be a surprise to him that I got them, and it was! haha or else that would have been super lame!

Then we did the work and school boring stuff until 5! Our reservation to Gia's was at 6. So we got ready, opened a few more gifts and headed out! (forgetting the wallet might I add). It was our first time being at Gia's so we were pretty excited. Its a small Italian restaurant here in Logan. We rated it about an 8 out of 10. It is a little more pricey and less food than you would get at Olive Garden. But it was fun because of it's fanciness and classiness.

So dinner ended and we got the check....BUT I had Scott's card in my wallet and my wallet wasn't with me. we did the whole embarrassing "we forgot our card, we need to run home and get it". So I awkwardly sat there for 20 minutes while Scott ran home and got the card. I felt so bad, but Scott was definitely patient with me, thank goodness. Thanks Babe!

We realized that we had never been Ice Skating and its been a while for both of us so we decided to make that our activity! Unfortunately it was only for an hour but it was so fun! I used to go skating quite a bit in high school with my friends but it is crazy how fast you lose a skill if you don't use it and practice! That being said, I fell a few times a was a little wobbly! But it was still good fun!

We decided to make a treat at home which was just vanilla and chocolate pudding with whip cream. There were supposed to be strawberries but we didn't act fast enough before there was a serious strawberry outage. That's alright it was still good! We ate that while we watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Classic.

And my favorite part for the whole night. One last gift exchange. I had been super excited for it! I got Scott a  book on Hope that he has been wanting for a while! He wasn't expecting it so it was a good surprise for him!! :D and he is such a sweetheart and made me a scrapbook/story rap of our story together! It had pictures and everything! He worked so hard on it! Homemade gifts are my favorite! I seriously loved it! I may have gotten teary eyed through it and had to have Scott finish reading it, just cuz I loved it so much, and I love him soooo much!!!!

It was a simple, fun, romantic Valentines day!!! What a great way to start out!!!

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