Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Journal???

Yes, this is kind of a Journal for us. We want to be able to remember things to be able to tell fun stories to our children, but you know what, sitting down and writing in a journal often is just not gonna happen.As much as I love it, right now I just don't have the time. But I fear...this blog/journal is just as bad!! I have 2 unfinished posts of "weekend Recaps" from the past two weekends...and we're coming up on a  new weekend! :/ That is Trouble, Trouble with a capital T. I am slightly behind. And the weekends hold some serious Journal Worthy happenings! So this is going to be a recap of the past two weekends! Then I will be on track for this weekend! And resolve right now to do better! uh huh, I do! Believe me okay!

2-1-13 through 2-3-13

Sleeping in + morning muffins + P90X + running errands + date night + church +  naps + bunt cake + new movie = our weekend.  I LOVE weekends. We need more of them. When Monday rolls around, I'm usually not ready for it (probably cuz I didn't do any homework so I have to catch up) but the weekends just seem to go by fast!

Both Saturday and Sunday we spent the ENTIRE day together. :D ah I love days like that!! It is so much fun!

Saturday morning, the bright sun peeked through our blinds onto our bed. The only reasonable thing to do when that happens is to lay in it...and fall asleep! I cant even tell you, my skin was dying for some Vitamin D that that dear sun provided for an hour!! It was divine! The only bummer part is it made me think that it was Spring, when in reality it was not! I was mad when I had to go out in the 20 degree weather, realizing that it was just a clear WINTER day...not spring. 

For our date this last weekend we went out to dinner to El Sol. It was aight! We decided our picks for Mexican are Cafe Rio and La Tora Viejo (I think I spelled that wrong). But we give those two a 10 out of 10 and El Sol a 5 out of 10. Sorry El Sol. :(

 (loving some Horchata)
Then we went home and played Life. Seriously that was soo much fun! I haven't played that game in ages but I remembered how much I loved it!! The movie, "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" has been on our list for a bit now, so we watched it. If you watch it you must know, its a little weird in some parts, really sad, but very heart warming. I definitely cried a ton and Scott held back some tears, cuz he is tough and I am not haha! But it was worth it, I would totally watch it again!

And this is our cute bundt cake we made with our Bundt Cake Maker thanks to my brother and Sister in Law Derek and Nesha! Thanks guys!! It looks like a giant donut! YUM!

2-8-13 through 2-10-13

This weekend we went home to the Wuthrich's. The purpose of the trip was a Valentine's Party with all the couples in the Fam. Everyone dressed up as a famous couple and kept it a secret! Scott and I were so excited about the couple we decided to be. We both LOVE this movie! We were the couple from the movie "UP". We decided to go we dressed up as Carl and Ellie when they were kids! Glasses, overalls, aviator hat, balloon...the whole thing baby! Everyone at the party "knew" who we were but they didn't know our names which didn't count. haha! Everyone looked great! and were really hard to guess. I think we got 3 out of like 12. oops! I wish we had pictures but we don't unfortunately. :(

We did some Target shopping where I found me some gems! $3 shirt, pink skinnies, and mint green polka dot skinnies! Love them! Then we just hung out and spent some time with everyone which is always fun! Overall the weekend was great and so much fun like always!!

NOW for a 3 day weekend coming up!!! Love it! Except for the boatload of homework that awaits both of us :(  Knowing us we'll get distracted for a minute and do something fun for sure! Sorry for the novel of a post! It wont happen again...hopefully ;)

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