Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! 

Here are some simple things we are loving right now....

1. Three day weekends!
Even though we didn't do anything exciting, the extra day was nice!!

2. Chicken Tacos for dinner!
We have been eating these a lot lately because they are fast, easy and super yummy! All you need is shredded chicken. (I boil a large chicken breast(for the two of us) for about 20 minutes, then put it in the kitchen aid mixer to shred it while adding taco seasoning and cayenne pepper). You also need a can of corn, black beans (which can be heated up in the microwave) and tortillas. We fry our tortillas just cuz we like the extra crunchy texture! Put it all together like a taco, add ranch and it is perfect!!!!

3. Help from the hubby!!
So every class decided to have something due this week or multiple things due so it is super busy!! and I have been so tired lately....and therefore I am loving all the help that my dear husband is willing to give. He does things that he knows I need without me even saying anything! I love him so much and am so thankful for all that he does for me!

4. Good books!
 Right now Scott is loving the book he got for Valentines day on Hope. When I wasn't distracting him on Sunday he got some good reading in which he loved! He probably could have done more if my nap lasted longer haha ;)

Lastly....we are loving that our taxes are done and we're getting a nice return back!! Woowho!

Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday!! :D

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