Friday, January 18, 2013

Worth it or not? It's up to you!

Yay its FRIDAY! and we don't have school on Monday! So we get a super long weekend! I am so excited! Most people think of Fridays as date nights but Scott and I mix things up a little and sometimes do date nights on Wednesdays! With the kind of work schedule that he has it doesn't always work with weekend date nights! But that's okay! At least we get in one date a week!

This week for our date we decided to go out to dinner and a movie all thanks to gift cards we've been given! We used the rest of our gift card to Paradise Bakery to have dinner. Simple half sandwich and cookies but it was delish and filling!

Then we hit up the movie theater to watch Les Mis. When we first got there we were the only people in the theater. So what do you do when that happens?? Have a dance party of course! (or make out haha ;)) So that's what we did, danced our little hearts out for a minute...until some one walked in and ruined all the fun of having a theater to ourselves! That's okay, we forgave him and got over it. Just before the movie started there were a total of seven people in the theater! Apparently Wednesday night @ 8:30 for a 3 hour movie isn't the most popular time!

As far as the movie is be honest, I have no desire to watch it again. I know I just stuck a dagger in your heart and twisted it. BUT let me explain. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, it was a great movie! The talent in those actors and actresses is astounding (I never use that word, but I just did cuz it was that good)!! But it was uncontrollably sad, and I am a cry baby like you would not believe. I get it from my dad's side. In fact it has passed down through all of my siblings, I have proof. At my wedding luncheon when my siblings came up to share memories or whatever else, my dad and all three brothers got teary eyed! Big tough guys, teary eyed. Anyways.... point being, I am not a huge sad movie fan cuz I bawl my eyes out and that is a little draining. Also unfortunately there were some completely inappropriate parts in the movie that could have been left out for sure! Anyways, it was good, see it if you want to, but be warned there is no talking, inappropriate-ness, and pure sadness. Worth it or not? It's up to you!

We are more for happy/comedy style movies! That's where its at ;) We would recommend Hotel Transylvania for a new movie, that was fun! That makes us sound lame but we're not I promise!

Overall Date Nights are a success and we love them! It has been so much fun since we have been dating and married! I look forward to it every week!!

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