Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wonderful Wednesdays

Happy Wednesday everyone!
 Sometimes I feel like Wednesday's get a bad wrap. Its the middle of the week, it always feels like it should be Friday already.... But then you realize that its not even Thursday! I  feel this way often....and I feel bad for the poor day. So in hopes to try and change that, Wednesdays will be the days that I post all about the small things in life that we love!!

Our Treat Drawer. 
I have a love hate relationship going on with it to be honest, but it has been nice to have a few treats throughout the day for a little "pick me up". So here's a shout out to our lovely, too full, treat drawer! Oh how we'll love it and miss it when your gone!

Wedding Pictures
 I have been having so much fun looking through them all and reliving those emotions on our wedding day! It was so fun to see everyone who supported us on our special day! Now I can figure out which ones I want to print off to smother our home with!! :)

This Song... 
Nuff said. Also, the fact that my wonderfully talented husband wrote me a rap about us to this beat and sang it to me at our wedding luncheon makes it even better! It was freaking awesome to say the least! Those of you who saw it can agree, those of you who didn't, we'll get a video of it sometime soon hopefully and share it will ya'll! 

This Necklace
I wear it way to much cuz I love it. I want it in every color!! or any big necklace like every color! It spices up any outfit and I've been needing some spice in my outfits lately. mostly due to the freezing weather which causes you to dress warm over dressing cute therefore I am loving...

...Anything Warm
It is colder than cold outside! In the negatives. Low numbers. All day. Every day. All night. Every night. So I freaking LOVE anything that keeps me warm! My cozy clothes, slippers, the heater in our house, blankets, and cuddling with my cute man.... ;) 

Here's to an ordinary Wednesday, or any ordinary day. Make is EXTRordinary by loving the small things in life! What things do you love? I wanna know! Do tell. 

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