Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wonderful WEDNESDAY!

Happy Wednesday!! It feels like a Tuesday because yesterday felt like a Monday when it was really a Tuesday! Its confusing me, but the day off on Monday was great none the less!

Things we are loving today....

We are loving our new mattress right now! An upgrade from two twin mattresses pushed together on the ground to a queen size mattress is divine!! It made us feel like adults, buying our first mattress! ah, cute huh!

We also bought a bookshelf! Thank goodness for ksl for coming through with a great deal, yet again! Now my organizing tendencies are kicking in and I would much rather organize our stuff onto the bookshelf then do homework! Which isn't saying much I guess cuz lets be honest, I would rather do a lot of things than homework! :/

This little lady right here is super excited for some wonderful things to come in the mail! I already LOVE getting mail but i'm extra excited! We ordered some wedding picture prints online to decorate our house with! We also got our wedding thank yous ordered, which will soon be sent back out! AND two cute necklaces from groupdealz! Funny story with that....Scott and I were sitting in Chemistry class. Its not my class, I just go with him cuz I can, so I feel okay being on my phone and not pay attention to the teacher (who drives me nuts, but that's a whole other story). So I was looking on facebook and saw a groupdealz post about these necklaces, only $4.99 and super cute!!! Excitedly I turned to Scott and said "BABE"! (as quietly as I could) haha but he was watching me so he already knew what was coming. and he laughingly responded "haha yes you can have it"  didn't even have to say anything hahaha that's why I love him so much! We got a good laugh out of it! He knows me so well! ;)

(Sorry for all the purchasing talk, we aren't really big spenders but lately.....I guess we are)

Last but not least, getting free lunch! I love when that happens. First, I don't have to take the time to pack a lunch in the morning, Second, its FREE and who doesn't love free, and Third, it was yummy pizza! It was for a work meeting, which was super interesting! But Scott got some of the leftovers so it was a win for both of us!

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