Monday, January 7, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

Can I just be of the things that I was super excited for after becoming a married woman was to not have roommates (along with a million other things)! I have loved my roommates in my college life but I LOVE my eternal companion roommate MUCH much more! It's way more fun! ;)  and its so fun to finally have a place of our own that I can decorate and make all cute and cozy!! I freaking LOVE it! Our apartment is slightly larger than a box but I like it that way! We tease that at all times we are no more than 20 ft away from each other when we are both home, but it really is true! :D Pure bliss! The first few days that we were home, Scott had to work quite a bit sooo while I was home alone I did the organizing, decorating, cleaning, cooking, and baking which are all up my alley! 

and there you have it!! Its coming together! We still need a book shelf to organize all the stuff in the closet which is a mess...shhh don't tell, you can always shut the door and no one has to know whats really in there! ;)   

And to top it all off, what is better than yummy chocolate chip cookies and milk in a cozy cute apartment with the cutest man in the whole world?? I submit, nothing. ;) 

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