Thursday, January 31, 2013

An Eventful Weekend

Our weekend was packed with family, friends, fun, and snowy roads! We went home to visit my side of the family! We stayed with my sister and brother in law, Kaeley and Trevor! They are wonderful and we love them so much! Seriously, they are the definition of generous and hospitable!

They have rock climbing passes to the Quary in Provo and on Fridays they can take two people with them for free!! So we tagged along this time! It was soo fun! This sounds dumb, but I was soo proud of myself for climbing a particular wall! I've never considered myself a good rock climber (still don't) but I can climb up the wall most of the time. But this particular climb was really difficult for me. There was a slight ledge that I had to go over, and when I got to it I was about dead! It was one of our last climbs so I was pretty tired. But I stuck with it and did it!!!! You know that burning in your arms when your working them so hard?? Yeah. I had that as I pulled myself up and conquered the wall!!!! Ah I loved it! Scott is a pro rock climber...he looks like a little monkey climbing/running vertical up the wall!! He is good and I love watching him ;)

After we got home we stayed up later than we have in a while playing games, laughing and talking! One of my favorite things in life! The next morning our wake up call was, "Scott, come play with me!" from Boston :) Love playing with little Boston and Tucker!

Saturday afternoon, after some Target shopping, we caught a matinee movie. "Rise of the Guardians" It was super cute! I definitely recommend it!

We also met up with our good friends Chelsea and Paco Beagles! I can't even tell you how much I love this girl and how much fun it is whenever we're together! Combined with our fav. Cafe Rio, it was a success!!! :D We sat there for two hours just talking and catching up. I decided it definitely needs to happen more often.

Sunday was spent at my parents house. After a wonderful day at church we enjoyed good food, lots of kiddie giggles and wrestling, it was a fun day!

The weekend ended with a crazy drive back up to Logan, with a quick stop in Kaysville. It was crazy!! The roads were covered in snow the whole way! Sardine Canyon consisted on slick roads and white outs while driving. Glad we made it home safe!!! All thanks to Scott's mad driving skills! Thanks babe!! :D

It was such a fun, much needed weekend adventure!! :D

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