Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

Today is going to be a long most Wednesday but I try not to complain about them. Hense the reason I post good things on such a day! 

I have a night class on Wednesdays from 5:15 to 7:45. Which normally wouldn't be too horribly bad but since I work all day till 5 by the time class starts, I'm already tired and tuned out! Its pretty dry and hard to sit through. But good news! I've learned a few new beneficial things for life in that class.... but best of all, the class ends at the end of March! I'm almost there.

To counter balance the difficulty of my night class, I'm gonna hit up the gym after. I started a new workout plan found here that I love. It gets my heart pumping, blood moving, and endorphin's firing. It feels so good to work out!

The gym, along with yummy food, possibly treats, cuddling with my man, and some Psych helps me get through Wednesdays!!

Also good music, which always helps! I made a list of just a few songs that we have been loving lately!
They play quite frequently when we are both home...
1."If I Lose Myself" by Collin McLoughlin
2. "when can i see you again" by Owl City
3. "pennybags" by Tyler Ward
4. "Count On Me" by Matt Kearney
5. "Stop Time"  by Landon Austin

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