Monday, March 11, 2013

walks, strolls...i've heard it both ways!

The weather was nice enough for us to take a walk on Sunday afternoon! Apparantly we weren't the only ones with the good idea, because, everyone and their dog was out too! We just happened to walk in the direction of the Logan Temple, which ended up being about a 3 mile walk! It felt so good!

While walking we played a game that Scott and his brother Paul made up, with inspiration from the TV show Psych. I don't know the real name so we'll just call it "Stop, and close your eyes". Which pretty much sums up the game! One person will randomly say "stop, close your eyes"and then proceed to ask a question like, "in that group of kids walking on the other side of the street, how many were girls and how many were boys?" Or ,"what was the color of the boy's jacket in the group?" The point is to be observant to the details of your surrounding. It's kind of like eye a way!

I serisouly love walks so much! So we went on another walk today in the canyon. It was a little chillier than yesterday but it still felt good to get out!

Today our game was "animal points". Birds were 1 point, fish were 3 points, deer were 5 points, and bugs were a half a point. If you saw a bear you won the game automatically, and if you saw a moose you won the game for a month! Scott saw some ducks, a fish, lots of bugs, and 2 deer. So.....he won!! But i'll have you know I have spotted two big bucks in the past little while so along with the points I earned today, I'd say I'm the real winner!
But really all I have to say, whether or not you see animals or hooligan children walking the streets, walks are great. And we love them! Its probably on of our favorite activites that we do.

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