Saturday, March 23, 2013

Indoor Camping Date Night

I really wanted to do something fun and new for our date night this week. We often turn to going out to dinner and then watch a movie, play games or something like that because its simple and easy. Its always fun of course but we needed something new. My sister had done this with her husband and she said it was a blast so I thought we would try it out! We both love camping but its not the best weather yet for good we did what we could inside!

We built a fort for our tent in our little apartment using our couch and kitchen chairs... The blankets hung a little low, resulting in frizzy, out of control hair for me! To get us in the mood we turned out most of the lights and found two hours of "nature sounds" on youtube. The crackle of the camp fire, crickets, an owls "who who" and a wolf's howl put us in the perfect mood. Scott got really into this which made it so much more fun! Talking about the "bears" and how chilly it was "outside".

For dinner we had Tin Foil Dinners (in the oven). Both of us had to be somewhere at 5 and wouldn't be home till around 9. So we stuck them in the oven at 200 degrees for four hours, hoping that we would come back to an unburned dinner and house! But instead we came home to an unburned house (thank goodness) and an undone dinner (not so good). The potatoes and carrots were not done at all! Dang those things cook like rocks! While we waited for dinner we decided to have our treats first. Thats how we do things around here. So we made smore's with the stove. We used somoa coconut cookies as the crust, which is so tasty! If you haven't ever tried that, you definitily should!

In the dark to make it even more real! (but we decided the pictures were a little too creepy like that)
^^Instead the flash just gave us instant glaucoma. ouch. :/ ^^

We ate our tin foil dinners in our fort/tent while we listened to an online recording of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn".

I felt like a kid again, and that's a good feeling when your a serious adult for too long. It seriously was so much fun! It helped me to forget about the snow on the ground outside with the winter weather in March and got me excited for summer!

If you need a new date night idea, do this, I promise you won't be dissapointed. ;) And we're always looking for new, cheap, fun ideas so do share please!! :D

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