Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Break! (part 1)

Spring Break this year was great!!! It started with some fun dates and time spent together here in Logan. Then we packed our bags for both snow and warm weather and hit the road!

Our first adventure was SNOWBOARDING up at Canyons Resort in Park City. I can't even tell you how excited Scott was! For days he anticipated it and then the day of we got up early and started getting ready. It was like Christmas morning in March! Scott loves snowboarding but hasn't been for a long time, so he was pumped! It was my first time so to say I was a bit nervous is a slight understatement. Looking up at the steep slopes got my heart beatin' that's for sure!

We hit the slopes with Scott's theory that you learn best by just doing it. Well, I need a little bit of an explanation first to get me on the right track. But of course we started on a fairly difficult track and I struggled the whole way. I think it was because there was a cliff on one side that my board relentlessly gravitated to! I would stand up, start to go, then fall because I got too close to the edge and couldn't stop! It was rough.

After that run, we decided that him going in front of me and holding my hands helped me to keep my balance and get use to the way the board moves! He was such a good teacher and so patient with me! After some tender coaching, serious bum soreness, and frustration on my part...I finally made it down the mountain all by myself! I did the same run a few times and felt like I was getting the hang of it! While Scott and cousin Dan hit up some serious slopes, I stayed at the bunny hill to practice a little more. The snow was slush, which made it slightly difficult. And of course the day wouldn't be complete without a wipe out...or two. So besides the million times I fell on my bum, I face planted it twice. Not just a catch myself halfway, that was close, kind of thing but like a caught of guard, no time to save yourself, kind of face plant. Instant headache.

Scott got to do some intense, adrenaline runs which made him pretty happy! and me too because I know how much he loves it! He also managed to get a nasty bad sunburn!! But overall it was such a fun day! I wish we could go more often, but that might come a few more years down the road!

The rest of the adventures will be coming soon! So get excited! :D

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