Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Break (Part 2)

The rest of our break was spent in St. George! The sun and warm weather was so perfect! We went down there to watch a baseball tournament for Scott's youngest brother Caleb playing with the Bandits comp team.

 ^^some warm up throws^^
 ^^We had this view pretty much the whole time^^
^^and this view... of this stud^^

In between we had the chance to do some shopping!!! :D and we went on an adventure to Red Cliffs Recreation Area. The combination of red rocks and emerald green water were gorgeous! Unfortunately we didn't come prepare with our swimming suits or else we would have been in the water for sure! 

 ^^ this pool was about 8 to 10 ft deep^^

^^ he found a hole in the ground and HAD to climb down it^^

And the day wouldn't be complete (for the boys) without catching a lizard..and wearing it! 

...while sleeping...

The house we stayed at had the most gorgeous view! That was my favorite spot in the whole house.

We had a ton of fun and were so glad we got to go! The warm weather and change of scenery was just what we needed! Thanks for the break Spring, we sure do love ya! Now if Logan could just jump on the band wagon with St. George weather, we'd be set!! 

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  1. I loved seeing these pictures! Looks like you had a blast!