Thursday, September 8, 2016

Shark Fishing

It's safe to say that Scott was most excited for Shark Fishing!! We decided to go with a company called Sole-Man Sport Fishing. Our captain was a yellow personality and he made it really fun!

We headed out bright and early. The bike ride down to the Pier that morning was so nice. The streets were nice and clear to just fly down without having to weave in and out of tons of people or ride on the crazy street with all the cars. Plus it was beautiful lighting on the ocean!

We jumped on the boat around 6am and started our adventure.
Chilly, tired, and excited!

Fresh bate.
I guess this is "hurricane weather" ( from the hurricanes in Hawaii).

So tired, haha!

 My pole saw action first! Reeling in a small Leopard Shark!!!

Too little to keep so we tossed this guy back into the ocean!
The other guy in the blue shirt pulled one out next, then it was Scott. 
Scott caught the biggest shark!

 So proud of his awesome catch!!
The science behind this is really kind of crazy. Our Captain knew the currents and which way we needed to face, what bait to use,  how far down to put it, and where to go to catch the different kinds of shark and fish! 

This big guy took me about 2 minutes to reel in! My arm was dying, haha!
and he was too heavy and slimy for me to lift all the way! 

 After a little bit in this spot catching the sharks we headed out to try a new spot for bass and halibut. Scott pulled in the only other fish we caught on the boat. He was so happy!!

 That smile :)
The halibut had to be at least 22 inches to keep and this guy was right at 22 inches!!
 We were out on the boat for about 7 hours. When we came back, we were greeted by these sea lions!

 The male is light brown and the female is dark brown. The male was being so noisy!
Once the Captain started cutting the fish, I knew exactly why they were there; to catch all the extra stuff. Shark skin....yum! 

Then we turned to the other side of the boat and saw this harbor seal just starring us down. Kinda creepy.

 In total: Scott caught 2 sharks and 1 halibut and I caught 2 sharks!
This was such an awesome experience! We loved it! 

We bagged up some shark and halibut and took it down to a local restaurant and they cooked it for us. More about that later!

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