Tuesday, September 13, 2016

San Francisco DAY THREE

 Day three morning was by far my favorite morning! As mentioned before, we woke up after a GREAT nights rest. We also woke up to someone playing a trumpet in the street. It just echoed through the streets into our room. Our window wasn't even open, but you could hear the music and it was amazing! We loved it! 
We stayed at The Palace hotel. As soon as you open the doors, your right on the streets on the city. I loved the location!
We had a little bit more time this morning to get ready, which was so nice to not feel rushed. 
Then we headed out to breakfast. This morning we just walked, and took it all in. 

The view from our hotel!

 Breakfast at Mo'z

After that we headed out to do a little bit of shopping. (Sorry I don't know why I am in all the pictures this morning :/) 

The Old Navy has 3 HUGE levels. I was in heaven!
That clock says "Time To Shop", which is 100% true, 100% of the time. 

Our next adventure of the day was visiting Alcatraz. We ferried across. Once you are there you can take your time and go back on any ferry. They leave about every 30 minutes. We decided to do the audio tour which was great! It was super interesting. They even had the voices of some of the former prisoners. It was crazy to hear the stories while standing right there where it all happened. 

 Solitary confinement in pitch black for 24 hours at a time. So awful.

 The families of some of the officers lived on the island. Like 10 seconds away from the prison. Who's idea was that???

We ferried back and hung out at the Pier for a little bit. 

We decided to try out the Rocket Boat that was part of our city pass which included free bus rides and a few other activities as well. 
The Rocket Boat was SOOO fun!! You go on a 30 minute speed ride with crazy twists and turns. The driver would be going straight so fast and then all of a sudden turn. The one side would dip down so far that you could reach your arm out and touch the ocean, while the other side was high in the air! A few of the times the sudden stop would create a big wave. This picture below is after we got drenched in water from a wave! Scott was soaked!!! 
It was such a thrill. We loved it! 
I am kicking myself I didn't get a picture of the boat, darn it!

 Soaked and wind blown hair like crazy!!!

Then we hit up the Aquarium right on the Pier. 
So many crazy little creatures that live in the ocean!

For dinner on Friday night we went to Uno Dos Tacos. This meal was my favorite from the whole trip (and it was the least expensive too, win and win.)!! 

 We sat outside, which was a little chilly and there were a few smokers close by (which isn't new while being in the city). But the atmosphere was so fun!

We had a little bit of time that night to walk around the city streets and stop by a few stores. 

And the night would not have been complete without a Ghiradelli Sundae. 
Day 4 coming up next! 

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