Wednesday, September 7, 2016

San Francisco DAY ONE

Our trip to San Francisco was such a whirlwind! We did sooo much so I am going to break it down into each day. Between our phones and the camera, we probably took 400+ pictures!!! 

So here we go!! 

Our flight was delayed about an hour and a half so we had a little time on our hands. We pulled up Netflix and watched an Episode of Fixer Upper before boarding! It felt so weird to just be chiling in the airport, less than 15 minutes away from our kiddos, so thank goodness it wasn't delayed too long or else I probably would have hopped in the car and headed back home for one more kiss and hug. Kidding. But seriously. That was hard leaving the kiddos! BUT I am so grateful we got that little get away without having to stress about having the kids in the crazy city!!

 Scott got pretty sick on the airplane so he closed his eyes most of the time and tried hard not to throw up! :( 
Flying above the clouds! 
The flight was only about an hour and a half which was nice!

The train (aka Bart) was awful. NOT a fan of the loud, screeching, dark tunnels, rough ride that cost $20! But it was necessary to get to the city from the airport. 

As soon as we got there, we checked our bags into the hotel so they could hold them for us until our check in time at 3pm. Then we rushed down to the Giants game! We were seriously hauling it!! Thus begun the sore feet for the 4 days, haha!

Classic Chicago style hotdog at the Giants game. Seriously delish. Why are these not a thing here???
 We were expecting chillier weather but it was HOT during the game. It was so fun to be there and watch the game! 

 After checking into the hotel, we caught a bus to go pick up our bikes that we rented for the 4 days. This is mostly how we got around, and it was great!! I would highly recommend it! We took the bus for the really far places but the bikes were great because it was way faster than walking, or even driving through the traffic! 

For dinner the first night, we went to the Crab House on Pier 39. The crab chowder in a bread bowl was delish, and trying crab for the first time was fun! It was good! 

After dinner we just strolled around and took it easy after the craziness of getting there! 

Ending the night with a Ghiradelli Sundae. So good. This shop was located in the same building as our hotel. 


Then we headed back to the hotel hoping to get a good nights sleep....but that was NOT the case! We were awoken at about 12:30 to a guy pounding on our door for about 10 minutes! Then at 3am the police we calling to make sure "the drunk door pounder" wasn't bothering us anymore. Then the beautiful alarm went off at 5am for shark fishing. 
The bed was comfy tho! 

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