Thursday, September 8, 2016

San Francisco DAY TWO

Day Two started bright and early with shark fishing. That is a post in and of itself, found right HERE.

So after that we headed back to the hotel for a little power nap. Then it was back on the bikes again to bike the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. The weather was a little windy, but otherwise perfect! The over cast and a little chill was good!

 My view of this stud biking. So grateful that he was the master guider and GPS-er the whole trip. Grateful for his sense of direction!

"Nana's Treasures"

The view to the side as we biked! Jurassic Park much??  

 The wind crossing the bridge was CRAZY! Hence my really, too excited, scream at the end, hahaha!

We made it to Sausalito!!
This town was my favorite. I wish we would have given ourselves more time here. It was quiet and quant. The houses were amazing, and the little stores down the street were so fun! 

 I wish I would have gotten more pictures but we were really rushed to eat dinner and get on the ferry for the last ride back of the night!
 Pizza dinner at Bar Bocce. Pretty tasty! But the view was my favorite part! 

In line for the ferry! 

The ferry back was perfect timing for a beautiful sunset!

 Alcatraz Island. 
 Beautiful ferry ride back to San Fran. 

Second times a charm for sleep because the second night was AMAZING. I don't think I even moved for 8 straight hours. Let me say that again. EIGHT STRAIGHT HOURS. I really want to remember that part because it was AMAZING. We haven't slept like that since before I got pregnant with Cooger. 
A good night led into a great morning as well!
Day THREE up next!

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