Thursday, October 9, 2014


Scott's grandparents have a time share at Snowbird. He has so many great memories growing up and going to Snowbird with his family every year since he was around 6 years old! The past few years he has missed it because life is busy and sometimes its hard to get away. But this year, his grandparents let us stay 2 nights and a day! Scott was beyond thrilled!!
The beautiful mountain, crisp air, hikes, swimming, gondola ride, dinner out, and 4 moose sightings were just what we needed to re-group for another crazy week...or few weeks before another break!
(excuse the poor quality of the pictures, I'm in the learning stage with my camera and trying to make the switch from auto to manual :/)
 ^^This was taken at dusk when we first arrived, that tiny dark spot above the yellow brush is a bull moose!^^
 ^^I LOVE aspen trees, especially in the fall!^^
 ^^We didn't get the best nights sleep because of Coog, but it was all made right with this view and a good breakfast^^
 ^^The view up here was AMAZING!^^
 ^^Coog got a little chilly and it was WAY past him bedtime but he was a trooper!^^
 ^^right there is the bull moose we had seen a few times on the trip, little did we know we would turn the corner and see this....
 ^^This little moose family was about 50 yards up from the trail! Coog was making all sorts of crazy noises. I thought for sure that bull moose would come right after us with all of that whining coming from the little one!!^^
Our two nights, one day stay was sooo much fun! We packed in a lot during the day and relaxed with each other at night. Thanks Snowbird for the beautiful view, lovely animals, and many adventures!! 

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