Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer Delight

This soup. I can't get enough! Its easy, fast, and delicious.
 Any food with those 3 descriptive words is a winner!

Plus, its zucchini season. I don't know about you,
but we have had TONS of it! Who doesn't need a new recipe to
 mix it up with all this zucchini going on?

Not only is it good, I feel like this soup has sentimental value...if that is possible for food??
This soup reminds me of my Grandma Berry. I loved going to visit her in the summer. Her house was situated in the perfect spot. In the oldest town. Right on the corner of an old, slow road. The wind ALWAYS blew. Two large trees shaded the front yard and housed a perfect wood swing. The side of the house was accompanied by a beautiful, old, red barn. I have sooo many memories from this place. I can see it all perfectly in my mind. My grandma has since moved, but I LONG to go and visit that place. Swing high on the wood swing, run through the barn, climb the trees, play in the cellar and listen to my grandma read stories. Guys. Seriously. The little girl inside of me is coming out and longing for my Grandma!!
I'm sorry, enough of the sap! Now that you have the recipe of this Summer Delight, get to it!
Happy cooking!!

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