Thursday, October 23, 2014

Candyland: Annual Smith Family Halloween Party

If I could go back and ask my 6 year old self if I had one wish what it would be...I am certain the answer would be to live in CANDYLAND! This was the theme of our Annual Smith Halloween Party!! Its always a blast and I look forward to it every October. We may not be the best costume-r's, but its so fun to see everyone dress up and enjoy Halloween together! I have never been one for Halloween, at least the scary side of it, but boy howdy the candy gets me! My sisters Tawnette and Chandalyn were in charge this year and they did great!!!

 Plumpy, The Happy Tree, and Baby Plumpy (who was not very happy about that wonderful costume my mom made!)
 Mr. and Mrs. Mint, and (one of three) peppermint kids!

 I'm sad I didn't get a picture of my sister and her family who were the gumdrop people!
Here she is snapping away! We really should combine our pic Chan!
Grandpa Nut got away without dressing up this year and he was sure pleased about that!
 Grandma Nut
 King Candy and Queen Frostine
Lord Licorice
 Princess Lolly

 He was a trooper for staying up past his bedtime...and getting dressed up!

 You cant play Candyland with out candy and treats!!

 After the kiddles went through it was time for the adults to play!

trying to get a jumping picture was difficult but we all just laughed!
Meanwhile as the girls were playing the boys were doing this...
 Seeing how far they could throw the darts and still make it in the wall...and maybe hit a balloon!
 and throwing the balls at everyone....including the camera lady!

It was a pretty big mess! But it was a ton of fun!
Thank you Tawnette and Chan for all of your hard work. It turned out great and it was so much fun as always!

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