Friday, October 17, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

There is something about pumpkin patches that is just so fun! Trudging through the dirt to find "THAT PUMPKIN". But honestly sometimes it can be hard to find a close actual pumpkin patch. When we lived in Logan, the closest thing we got was a "road side, pick your pumpkin, put your money in a box, patch". It worked. But Farmington scored a win for us this year! We headed out there the other day on Scott's birthday!

We tried our darndest to get some cute pictures while we were there. I think it was too bright so 99.9% of the pictures Coogs is looking down. And that hair, its wild and uncontrollable. Anyone elses child have hair that grows straight forward?? Good thing his face is so darn cute!! And that chub he's got going on, I may just overfeed him everyday for the rest of his childhood cuz I love it so much!!!! YUM!!! totally kidding, but chubby babies are the best, am I right??


 HUGE pumpkins!!

 yum, straw...

I'm glad we got to spend part of Scott's birthday at the Pumpkin Patch! That night, after putting Coog to bed, Grandma Wuthrich, Aunt Tori, and Uncle Caleb stayed at the house while we went out. (THANK YOU!!) Date night without the babes, oh it was splendid! We went to dinner at Joy Luck (cuz Scott loves Chinese). Then we went and saw Meet The Mormons. If you haven't seen it, GO! It is so good.
The song at the end by David Archuleta, Glorious, along with the movie, sparked some good conversations between the two of us. Honestly that was my favorite part of the whole night.
Love you babe!! Happy 25 years!! I am so happy you were born 25 years ago. Here's to another year of adventure! 

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