Friday, August 22, 2014

grass time

It's an innate response to pull grass when your sitting in it. We learned that with this little one. He automatically started pulling, both hands at one time. Thank you Timpanogos Temple for supplying such luscious, green grass for us to enjoy...along with your beautiful view. <3

On a side note: here's a little story about grass.....

Once upon a time a cute boy named Scott asked a girl named Arianna on a date. Arianna was freshly back in the dating game after a broken engagement. Feeling a little unsure of stepping into this realm again but not being able to resist the boy asking, she said yes. A quick lunch at Subway it was (because of school at Utah State that was all she had time for). On the way back from their quick lunch date, it got a little quiet. Arianna started talking about grass. Grass? yes, grass. Of all topics. She then proceeded to RAMBLE on about the different smells of grass. Cut grass, long grass, fermenting grass. In this situation it was NOT the best topic BUT it happened. He being a kind, gentlemen, went along with it for a minute. Thinking she had blown it with the cute "subway boy", embarrassed, she walked back to class. THANK GOODNESS....their tale did not end there!!!
Now the "grass conversation" has become a sweet and funny memory. :)
If you ever find yourself in an awkward situation, maybe you could try talking about grass and see how that goes ;) best of luck...

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