Monday, February 3, 2014

We laughed until we cried...well I cried!

Sometimes life just gives you golden moments of joy. Where there are no worries or stresses and you feel like a kid again. These are gems. I LOVE them and treasure them in precious memories, tucked deep inside so i'll never forget.

One of those gems happened today during lunch.

I didn't get any pictures because neither of us wanted black mail pictures and honestly I was laughing so hard I couldn't.

We had just finished our pizza lunch when Scott started on some grapes that we had packed.

Remember when grapes were so fun to eat when you were a kid...cuz you didn't just eat them, you played with them?

Yeah...that's what we did. Grapes slid perfectly between our teeth and upper lip as to give a perfect mouse face.

I was laughing so hard, yes it's true, I began crying. I can't tell you the last time I remember laughing so hard!! Tears, scrunchy face, bent in half, abs tight kind of laughing. I probably almost peed my pants too.

I tried to join the grape fun, but kept popping them out of my mouth due to intense laughter.

It was definitely a moment I didn't want to end and that I want to remember forever!

Gold, pure gold.

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