Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Last Wednesday, (Jan 22nd), Scott went to work as usual. He came home as usual. We ate dinner and then began into our normal nightly routine, as usual. Dinner clean up, homework, just hanging out. He started complaining about a stomach ache. We both thought that it was just because he hadn't eaten or drunken enough water throughout the day and then got stuffed at dinner time.
After some time at home, me needing to get out, I suggested we go get an ice cream at Scott's favorite, Neilsen's Custard. When he wasn't really excited about that idea I knew he was really having some discomfort. Knowing it sounded good to me, he still opted that we go. After a quick drive we got home and started getting ready for bed. We both thought a hot shower would help him relax and feel better since he still didn't feel well. After that we climbed into bed around 10:30. I fell right asleep and unknown to me, Scott was up that whole time. The pain was getting worse and he was trying everything he could to relieve it. I finally woke up around midnight to find that he was really struggling.
I started getting really nervous because Scott is pretty darn tough. Seeing him in so much pain was so hard. After a quick call to Ma and Pa (cuz they always know stuff) we realized we needed to head to the Emergency Room. Our first diagnosis was gas...that didn't go away. Then we thought it might be kidney stones (which are painful beyond belief, so the ER was needed to get some meds that would help him get through passing a stone). But by the time we got there, we were both wrong.
The doctor, after getting him some serious pain meds, diagnosed him with an appendicitis. Just by touching his stomach in the right spot and Scott reacting the way he did, he was pretty sure about it.
There wasn't a concern with whether or not it had burst or was going to soon, so they suggested we hunker down for the night at the hospital. The doctor said surgery would be done the next morning as soon as he could.
Scott slept like a baby through the pain, which I am so grateful for! Thank goodness for modern technology. I tried sleeping. I couldn't quite figure out how to pull out the chair/bed. So I did the best I could to get comfortable on it while 9 months pregnant. I was pretty unsuccessful for most of the night. Finally around 5:30 I feel asleep (out of pure exhaustion I assume). I was awoken again at about 6:30 to Scott's parents and brother. We were both happy to see them. They gave Scott a blessing and we both immediately felt peace and relief, knowing that everything would be okay.
Scott was blessed to have a doctor that would know how to heal him and to have faith that everything would turn out good. We are both so grateful for the Priesthood power and the comfort that that blessing gave us. Paul (his brother) also helped me pull out the bed so I could sleep on it. Since we were there for a while longer, I was soooo grateful for that!
It was finally time for surgery. Even when he was wheeled into the prep room for surgery, neither of us were anxious or scared. The anesthesiologist asked if I was concerned or had questions but honestly I didn't. I just wanted them to get it over with so he could get better!
Everything went smoothly. And we are so grateful that we had a good surgeon because Scott's appendix was in a unique position. So we are grateful that he knew what to do, even though it wasn't a normal "cookie-cutter" situation.
Unfortunately, when they numbed the incision, some of the numbing medicine got too far into his skin and numbed his whole left leg. Out of the doctors 20 years of experience, he has never seen that happen during this surgery. It wasn't life threatening, it just meant we couldn't leave as soon as we expected or hoped.
We ended up leaving the hospital around 10pm that night (which was Thursday, Jan 23rd)
Even though it stinks that this happened, we are grateful that it happened when it did and not later. Scott should be fully recovered (which is about 2 weeks) just in time for our little one to arrive!! Thank goodness he wasn't doing this while I was in labor. I cant even imagine.
The text that I sent out to family said "After a long night and morning in the ER and hospital, Scott will be having surgery to remove his appendix. Please keep him in your prayers that the surgery goes well and that he recovers well. Thanks everyone, love you all!!" So my brother teasingly wrote back, "Yay, Its an appendix! too bad you had to have a C-section" instead of me being in the hospital having a baby boy, Scott had an appendicitis. haha Such is life...and someday we'll look back and think "how crazy!"
We are so grateful everything went smoothly and he is recovering well!


  1. That is CRAZY! glad to know that he is going to be able to be all healed up for your precious baby!

  2. Yah for how stinky his luck was to have to have it removed, at least it happened when it did!! Both of us in a hospital bed at the same time just sounds stressful and expensive!