Monday, July 1, 2013


July is my favorite month of the whole year! I love it!! It holds my second favorite holiday, my birthday, lots of sun, swimming, popsicles, snowcones, camping, grilling, no school...all the summer goods! We wont be out of town on the 4th but we will be the weekend after that! I cant wait to spend time with familly, especially on my birthday! Now all i've got to do is make it to thursday and I am home free, baby!!

On another note, life has be C.R.A.Z.Y. lately. Which explains my blogging absence. We have been on the go or at work pretty much all day, everyday. And if we aren't going, we are sleeping from tiredness and exaustion. To give you some perspective...I finished 70 hours of practicum and about 15 hours at work in one week!!!!!! (granted we were at a camp for 3 days but that was so tiring) It has been one busy summer, which we knew it would be. Again, thats why we are so excited for this weekend! To get away, have some fun, see family, and relax!!

Yesterday we had a wonderful realization, after church, we didnt have to do any work, go anywhere, or worry about anything! Oh was it wonderful! It made us both so grateful for Sunday, finally a day of rest!! It was muchly needed.

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